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  1. I know its only been recently too, the game was working pretty good about a week or 2 ago. now it just feels like its getting worse for no reason
  2. i don't think you can compare the two games, their both different no matter how much they look alike Halo 2 plays way faster and requires a way different play style than Halo 3
  3. haha i know literally every time and now i cant find a game
  4. Idk but dude, I'm high as fuck rite now and playing Halo 2 on this setting is so fucking tight
  5. Been playing the xbox one on 480p and I'm loving it haha I'm gonna keep it like this, only down side is that the game dvr can't record clips. If you wanna try it and didn't know about it all you do is turn on your xbox by holding the xbox button and the eject button at the same time until it beeps feels like its 06 again
  6. Im seriously about to trade in the xbox one for a 360, i had way more fun on that than i feel like i ever will on this
  7. 343 are such scumbags at this point, at first i felt for them. yeah 4 game one disc is hard ok but its obvious they don't even care anymore, they just took the money and ran.
  8. 343 needs to rerelease master chief collection on separate discs, this is unfixable
  9. lol is that your gt, like i said i multi task a lot when I'm playing now a days so i was probably doing something or got invited to a game.
  10. i probably was doing something also you mean hardcore playlist? i don't really play classic playlist a lot.
  11. i don't really have a story, i bought it, it didn't work, talked some shit about 343 then got back to real life
  12. Tell me something i don't know
  13. hahaha you really have a heavy heart for this lady
  14. I think the real culprit here is the son who gave his mother a phony number
  15. for the past 2 days this lady has been calling my phone thinking she's calling her son, she's been leaving voice mails and everything LOL
  16. SeaVomit

    Work Thread

    what kind of thread is this, everyone hates working, fuck work, i hate my job
  17. Anyone up rite now and is down for h2c 1v1?
  18. Yeah dude that's what I did. I can see inside my controller through the thumb stick hole now. Still trying to think of a way to cover it but it shouldn't be too bad. I'll just have to blow in it every few days so dust doesn't clog it up
  19. Sniping is boring as fuck yo, when you get good at it you might pick it up for a year then just say fuck it. I pick up snipe like once out of 10 games and still wreck with it. It's like riding a bike once you get good you never lose it. And it's pretty damn easy one or two shots and their dead not much skill involved.
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