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  1. Why do Ranks have to come on rite now in the middle of the night -__-
  2. x.x http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/SeaVomit/video/2712975
  3. Just try harder and muscle memory will adapt and you won't have to try as hard
  4. That moment when you think you found someone new and cool on halo and then after a few games he just turns into the biggest douchy ****** calling everyone bad he's ever out br'd, is this really whats left of the halo scene? i feel like I'm playing with some of the worst kind people in the entire human race, just the worst kind of people like i would never want to hang out with a person like that haha what do these people have to offer society?
  5. Made a pizza, i cut it into four pieces, i dropped one piece on the ground UPSIDE DOWN! -___________-
  6. Wow thank you, I didn't think I would ever hear anything, those in game emblems make halo feel so much more fun as goofy as it sounds but they really do, can you try to get more info or tweet him yourself? I don't have a Twitter, just ask him when they will probably be out, this will honestly make the game complete.
  7. Practiced 2shots all day today, heres what come out of it, not very good at them but I'm getting better https://youtu.be/ciQ2AgUIPYs
  8. That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
  9. no I'm truly a terrible person and i should feel awful but knowing that just makes me feel like a 12 year old girl with brand new nail polish
  10. That would make my day <3
  11. they tell me to murder everyone on team beyond forums
  12. but you don't really know any of your friends on xbox, their all just voices on a mic. You would rather lobby warrior all day because you minimize your friends list to the select few of people that engaged in conversation with you on an online game than add as many people as you can and have more potential for parties, customs and just pure fun on the game?
  13. i love that map name, behemoth is a good band
  14. 3rd time posting on here just show that I'm actually someone that plays A LOT of Halo 2, I'm on as much as i can be when I'm not working and always hosting customs, mainly FFA Midship. My Gt: is SeaVomit Im a really fucking nice down to earth dude i don't care who you are, i just wanna play halo 2 <3
  15. It amazes me how people still seclude their friends list when we can have +1,000 friends on XBL like some shit from mean girls. i just tried playing with someone on my list like i literally add everybody if i played h2 with them and this person straight up was like "stop inviting me you random" like shit...speechless
  16. OT: I love Halo so much (mainly Halo 2 and CE) like a lot, it's a big part of my life. BUT...lol When someone tells me how long they've been playing halo and they're trying to sound all sophisticated, pretentious, and high horse shit about it, all i hear is: I'm such a fucking bigger loser than you'll ever be, my ass smells way worse than yours and my skin is pasty as shit. I never shower, I'm in my 20s and still act like a piece of shit close minded 15 year old who scratches my own ass and smell my finger. OT of OT: I was at gamestop like a month ago and i literally saw some guy who had long ass hair, looked like the kind of guy i just described and literally scratched his ass, like hands in pants and smelled it. He had his car keys hanging from his pants like the biggest fucking tool douchbag you've ever met but i bet he was driving his moms station wagon. his gamertag is probably: H2 MLG quad shot god
  17. Cant you just show me a map? Like does it have to be yours, i mean if it is thats cool too but Im not really into that whole forger show me their own map and give me the run down about it, thats like the worst way to check out a map (imo). I should just be able to look at a map for myself, just show me maps, i don't care who made them. I don't wanna hear about what kind of aesthetic they're going for or the lame pretentious back story to it. I just wanna see some nice maps
  18. Thats cool that you disagree with me but i don't really care, thanks for showing me those maps though
  19. Fuck i hate myself rite now, choking 24/7, almost had a nice xsv shot killtac, fuck my montage shout out to everyone choking on clips https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/SeaVomit/video/2088112
  20. Ugh i miss the original Halo 2 Menu soon much <3
  21. When i used to sweat really fucking hard all night without sleep for days. I was really fucking good and did all that MLG shit, naturally winning every game. Trying to get back at that level but that was years ago and I'm older now with priorities a job, school, doin my grown man shit. but enough about my annoying ass. Yeah Halo is awesome and i can't wait for Ranks in the hardcore playlist so i can become a loser again.
  22. I wanna start forging again but H2A is hard for me to catch on to. You know how in H4: 4x4 Shorts, Stunt Ramps, Antennas...etc (more that i can't think of) Where the "go to pretty pieces" that made any map look better aesthetically and functionally. So what are the "go to pieces" and "combo pieces" in H2A. ..i mean i can learn them obviously pretty fast just by playing with forge and i will lol... but i just thought it'd be nice conversation since i haven't seen much talk or even maps for H2A.
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