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  1. Wtf is up with xbox I can't even log into my account
  2. Ever since the update it's actually been worse for me joining custom lobbies and that's what this update was supposed to fix. I hardly had a problem with it before of course I had to try a few times but tonight it took me like 30 minutes to join a lobby of people that I play with everyday.
  3. How do I increase the time to 5 minutes. I've seen a lot of people do it
  4. Is it possible for 343 to add theater mode for halo 2 classic and halo:ce. Also a dlc for a forge mode and map in halo 2 classic
  5. MCC is stepping in the right direction but still far from fixed. Each game should have its own set of playlist. I don't like this mixed shit. I wanna see each game have its own Ranked FFA, Hardcore (BR's, No Radar), Doubles, and Snipes playlist. If 343 wants to mix games then they can do it in unranked but I don't wanna go onto ranked and end up playing halo 4 or anniversary shit when I wanna play one specific ranked game.
  6. I love this, not directed towards akuma at all, i just love that I'm not the only one that thinks this about people on forums. 80% of the people on here just talk a lot of shit about games but once they actually play they get destroyed.
  7. well i don't play h2a so ill just wait for halo 1 or halo 2 classic ranked
  8. Ewwww don't talk to me, what are you looking for? Do you expect me to change my mind suck your dick and say everything is all better because of your opinion. Don't try to pretend like mcc is good with your pathetic optimism. sure we have the games on one disc that's it though all the playlist are so fucking social I can't play for more than 30 minutes. No one wants to play h2a over and over and the rest are all radar smg starts across all games on the worst maps in the game. I want a playlist dedicated to hardcore across all games or atleast for halo 2 classic and I want it to stay there! None of this halo 4 bullshit of cycling out playlist......... I have Verizon phios.
  9. 343 = spend a bunch of time and money on graphics so we can have an excuse for why we make shitty games
  10. Starting to give up on MCC, its been like 5 patches? I stopped counting and every time nothing changes. Just something to get our hopes up for the next patch and the next patch...etc etc Halo 3 Feels like shit Halo 2 has terrible playlist just like everything else Halo 2 anniversary feels like shit as well No one wants to play Halo CE and as much as i love that game i can only play so few games of it myself. This is a fucking joke, like seriously 343 I'm speechless, You guys fucking suck and to top it all off your Halo 5 game looks like complete fucking trash
  11. I play a lot of Halo 2 Classic and I'm looking to fill up my list of players for Halo 2 Classic Customs and for Ranked Matchmaking when it comes out. I'm chill, i don't complain about lag or any of that whiny Bull Sh**. My GT is SeaVomit. I accept invites and invite people all the time.
  12. I just want a Ranked Hardcore (No Radar, Human Weapons, BR Starts) 4v4 Playlist for Halo 2 Classic that contains the 5 MLG Maps and Game types...AND Players getting matched up correctly
  13. Anyone have an idea when Halo 2 Hardcore Playlist is gonna up and when matchmaking will work?
  14. Gamertag: SeaVomit Customs/Ranked H2 when it comes out US I play A LOT so I'm a good add, I'm not just gonna lobby whore and ignore invites
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