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  1. They cant do this for H3 though?


    Lack of party restrictions makes the ranks somewhat pointless cause once you hit 20 you're forced to search 4s or enjoy your Ls. Hell yesterday I played and I kept matching to4s and I'm like 11 cause more people are catching on.


    Search in 4s or dont search at all is hardly a solution

    It feels the other way around for me, I search in 4s at lower ranks cus all my teammates are gonna be shit and at higher ranks I have a better chance of searching alone and getting good teammates

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  2. I cannot believe Bonnie Ross broke the silence to basically twiddle her thumbs about putting all games on a separate disc.


    Lady, the problem isn't only the outsourcing, the delayed patches, sporadic 'hotfixes', the Xbox One just is not the platform to succeed the 360.

    They're lying, if their only concern in money than putting all the games in one disc was the best choice, she's just saying all this bs to try to maintain the fans

  3. The charge and play is great. The battery lasts a surprisingly long time (3-4 days for me) and the cable is actually really long and doesn't unplug (I don't know what antics you get into while playing lol)

    I like to defecate on my controller and throw it against the wall and get naked and throw my shit at the play and charge kit

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  4. The real question is why don't we have a wired xbox one controller? And why are the triggers shitty as f u c k. And why can't we just use the 360 controller in xbox one seriously Microsoft you guys suck hairy gramps balls

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  5. Anyone know if someone sells Xbox One controllers with shorter sticks? I just went through the whole customization process with Scuf and I guess they only offer default thumbsticks or longer. My aim is ass on the XB1, and it's because the sticks are a bit too long. Any help is appreciated.

    Yeah I want 360 sticks for the xbox one, their shorter and wider so my thumbs don't fall off these little b**** sticks. I know you can shave the 360 sticks down but they hole where you push them into the controller cracks and breaks because you have to shave down the support that would prevent that from happening.
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  6. If you hook up the current controller with a micro USB, it's both charging and turns into a wired controller (where the Xbox 360 just charged).

    So no? The 360 had wired controllers, I don't like this plug in thing because they disconnect a lot

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