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  1. GT: Creature LURKS GT: The Zenoah Me and my teammate are two very, very good players. We know each other well, and we are the dynamic duo. We need another to2 just like us to team up. If you have any doubt in your skill and don't think you can put in the dedication to place top 16 or don't think you are good enough, don't hit me up. If you cant go to real life events, don't hit me up. If you cant pay for yourself in a online tourney, don't hit me up. You must be very good and know how to set up well and have a amazing br. You must be able to handle constructive criticism
  2. Sammereye, if you ever need 2, me and Zenoah are a to2. You've played against us before with snipehappy, if you remember, shoot me a message on xbl gt Creature LURKS
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