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  1. Halo wouldnt be in such a shit state if they handled their tournaments instead of letting every other company tarnish halo's reputation EVEN more. ESL and Mili esports are literally the worst two websites to run halo tournaments. Teams weren't entered when they were signed up, teams played multiple 1st rounds, no one is getting any responses in a timely fashion. Im honestly confused why halo didnt create a HCS website where all of the tournaments/info would take place. No one running around and feeling clueless/helpless because theres like bits of information spread out. As a competitor, this is a disgrace to the competition. The same problems are happening over and over but 343 literally only cares about the pro league and getting them "views" as if viewers dont come from people who enjoy the game... Ive been a competing am player fucking longer than just about anyone (sad, i know) but i havent ever had to deal online bullshit like this before. I'd rather have aptitude bridge and lag host in a 1v1 on h3 then have to fucking deal with the mili staff. /rant
  2. Would be nice to see the removal of autos all together in FFA, imo
  3. 343 messed up. Are we not allowed to vent our frustrations? I understand we should provide proper criticism for 343, but we already have. I went to chat, I'm going to cali, st louis and vegas all because i love this game. I have made countless sacrifices to make this possible(jobs, relationships, lifestyle). 343's format isn't promoting growth in the community, even though halo 5 has so much potential. I'm tired of 343 not learning from their mistakes, shit is getting old. People shouldn't have to make sacrifices to compete in halo, especially when most competitors aren't looking to go pro. /rant
  4. I hate that i love competing in Halo. 343 gives zero fucks about the AM community and the growth of this game. Really seems like they only care about their initial sales. Countless times I've sat in a lobby with competitors, discussing possibilities and good ideas for halo. if 343 respected the community they would ask the community whats a convenient format for the season. Hopefully i get to see some familiar faces at Cali.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, there have been a number of previous online cups where some teams weren't added to the bracket and no admin actually fixed the issue, so those teams were SOL. 10 minutes before a tourney and i recognize my team isn't even showing up in the bracket puts me on full tilt, especially when i can't get a single response from ANYONE. I got mobstazz in my DMs more worried than any PGL staff member. If someone even looked at the bracket as soon as it was made, like they should of, they could of easily have seen it wasn't right and could have alerted all of us competitors of the known issue to put us at ease. People react in predictable ways most of the time. Tilt tweets will occur if they mess up and fail to pay attention to the community. Had hella fun today, can't wait for OC!
  6. 343 needs to remake all of the classic maps, but with halo 5 in mind. Fix theatre or at least make a really cool theatre system that people can use on their PC's. 343 needs to make it so that those searching solo q, match others going solo, not 4 solo players against a t04. While at it, make it so to4's match other to4's or at least a to3 with and one soloer. Better spectator mode Oddball imo
  7. Switched from 5 acceleration to 3, shot is feeling crisp.
  8. I won't take advantage of you, $20 an hour and i will talk your ear off about what i know. Heres some gameplay from last night if you'd like to see the kind of player i am: and
  9. Would be cool if the AM players had a say on how the AM events should be run, imo.
  10. So tilted at today's news. 343 has no idea how much this fall format will affect the am scene negatively. Zero consideration for those not in mid/high school. smfh I love halo and competing but this is so unrealistic for people to keep up with. Weekly important tourneys, fuck, only west coast events, fuck. Thanks 343 for making it impossible to juggle a job/college while competing. sorry for the rant, but /tilted
  11. Unpopular opinion, i like the fact that people are forced to test maps. Seemed like in every other Halo, i remember it being such a bitch for devs to get a number of good players to even play the test settings, besides the pros who were kinda forced into it. Liking Mikwens squad, serious potential. Havent watched much of Cody and Devons new team, but good luck to them. Lethul is still a catfish
  12. H2A would of been my favorite if it had more than 3 maps and worked at launch. H5>H3
  13. Revive MichiLAN thread? Who's all going to Chattanooga?
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