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  1. The US don't have a chance against Germany, and the only way i see them getting out of their group is if they park the bus against portugal and hope for the counter.
  2. Lol is garigraiko39 the only one that didn't use the sign out glitch
  3. does anyone know when the leaderboard will be fixed and how do they notify you if you have qualified?
  4. lol at the leaderboards, do people actually think they will qualify if they play with the same kids 15 games in a row? haha
  5. lethul did not miss a shot in that game 5 match
  6. both accounts only played those guys on different dates, if you use logic, what are the chances of getting on at 3 different days and matching the same guy over and over again and do you honestly believe just because they are from Germany means they are only going to match germans
  7. hes only played like 15 games, his first 5 games was against bizzz in a row https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/IgoturFormoulaa/wargames/GameHistory theres another account, its only played 6 games and all against wettimage and bizzz......
  8. SBB Blizzzz is getting players to feed him kills https://app.halowaypoint.com/en-us/Halo4/Im%20Sick%20in%20FFA/wargames/Medals the account 'im sick in ffa' continuously plays him in 2 games, plays a legit game and so on........
  9. i searched at 3pm and all 20 of my games were against australians
  10. man never played metal gear but that game looks bad ass
  11. hopefully classic can edge past sq to set up an awesome final against ambush
  12. roy, lunchbox, enable and flamesword would be such a sick team imo
  13. Hoping for more listen ins when sickstory or nemassist are playing
  14. calling status quo to beat warriors
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