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  1. I haven't posted in a while but all the recent H3 streams have me hyped. Here's a snipe from Spartan's stream the other day, I'd be freaking out if I hit that. https://clips.twitch.tv/BoxyRoundStorkPJSalt
  2. Maybe I'm out of the loop but can anyone tell me how to instant reload the plasma caster like Shotzzy did at 6:22?
  3. Pumped for these scrims, I'm glad someone on NV is finally streaming. Excited to hear some Mikwen/Ola comms. Oh, sorry for calling that NV squad a team, Snipedown already confirmed that "that is not at all true". Also Ola just said on stream he think they will be the 3rd seed for season 2.
  4. Rulebooks are too complicated, they will just wing it. Before last season when ALG dissolved they figured out a good way to host a LAN to decide what team gets the seed. I know if it happened now the scenario would be different, but if adding another LAN is somehow the solution then I'm all for a seeded team being dissolved. I know that's selfish but as a fan I want more LAN's
  5. You might be right about the contract comparison I have no idea how that works, but regardless of contracts or legality, if an insider leaks the info about negotiations or new teams it should and will be taken seriously and reported on. That seems like the comparison being made (i.e. sportscenter to TB). I'm not saying you do, but some people seem to think "If a new team is unofficially leaked by coaches, family, or pros on forums or streams do not tweet about it. Only after it has been officially released by a league or an org (the only true professionals in the scene) should it be reported." This model would be a let down to fans who appreciate the investigative aspect of the TB.
  6. I wish someone from NV streamed, would be such a fun team to listen in on communication with.
  7. I agree, it would make game 5's overall more intense, but when a slayer ends like the NV vs CLG game 5 last night then it's more hype than any objective could be.
  8. NV closed a series! Also, the team weapon skin curse was real today.
  9. I made this meme when there were rumors of Ace buying a PGL #1 seed from Bucko, I'm sure some of you remember this. I reworked it really fast. PS: I know that no one was paid, just found it funny that the same meme is somewhat relevant.
  10. I think Ace's ankles are permanently broken at this point. http://oddshot.tv/shot/bthmaniac-2016052155221722
  11. Also I don't know how much it's been said but those bar interview questions @@Tashi has been posting on twitter are amazing. I hope they keep coming.
  12. There's multiple times I've heard similar snide comments when watch Optic's scrims and most of it seems to be between Naded and Ace for some reason. I'm not sure if it's personal but either way Optic's call outs are really bad at times. Whether it's people saying useless remarks like the ones you quoted or if it's Maniac raging. If they are going to have communication unrelated to game play they seem to do much much better when saying things like "Naded just rekt that kid!" or "Ohhmyygaawwwd Ace is shitting!". I only care because I really want to see Optic make pro league. Having there fan base invested in Halo is massive for the scene, but the main reason is so the Optic Halo content on Vision remains hype.
  13. I don't understand this, especially when he seemed to be consistently gaining a Twitch following. It makes me think he is embarrassed and regrets what happened. Just be honest about it and move on, he has a ton of potential, keep grinding Halo. Thank you @@RyaNoob! These are the types of videos that new/intermediate players are looking for. We need new content to look forward to even if it's as simple as talking on stream, highlighting it, and uploading it. No pros are even making an attempt to create consistent Youtube content (except Flamesword, Maniac, and maybe Towey/Ryanoob but they haven't proven it). There are several pros who have a major twitch following which is great, but there is a reason Optic has the fan base they do. Building personal relationships with fans through social media and Youtube makes a massive difference, I know this gets brought up a lot but someone should go for it and see what happens.
  14. I'm ready for this tournament to start so I don't have keep reading this exhausted debate!
  15. Give him a break, he had a bad moto-vlogging experience earlier in the day.
  16. I agree that the constant feedback telling him to retire and coach influenced his decision but I don't think it was from TB as much as the Optic fan base. His Twitch chat and Youtube comments are always a barrage of people saying these things. People say it on here occasionally but not as often, plus I doubt he keeps up with these forums.
  17. TIL spawning Kampy with a Norfang in unranked matchmaking is not fair. Source https://www.twitch.tv/kampyvids/v/62415613?t=00h59m10s
  18. It seems like Naded is burnt out on Halo 5 and doesn't really love the game, also he downgraded with Optic a bit in terms of team strength. Maniac and Flamesword seem down because they are constantly receiving a barrage of hate from the Optic fan base telling them they are trash and should be dropped or be coach because their lack of skill is bringing the team down. And Ace just wishes he was sleeping. Personally I'm pumped to see Optic actually be contenders again and bring viewership to the Halo scene. Naded and Ace should embrace all the opportunities available under the Optic brand and be super motivated to compete with all the fan support. Flamesword and Maniac need to keep on the current grind of playing Halo and their confidence will come back. This team has been showing a ton improvement and I think they have a chance to have a good showing at PAX if they play confidently and let the Optic juice fuel their intensity.
  19. For people wondering they start talking Halo at 7:04. Pretty interesting, Maniac talks about CLG's dominance and brings up Instinct and Final Boss. They talk about the new team and when they bring up Ace Hecz says that he is currently sleeping in the other room. They talk about twins in Halo and when Maniac got Reality Checked by the Sudds. They digress at times but talk a lot about Halo up until about 35 minutes, worth a listen.
  20. There's a lot of free agents who could team up and have a very good team, many great players still don't have teams. Maybe they are discouraged because there isn't a combination of current free agents that can confidently place top 4 next season (I'm open to suggestions, but I don't see it). There are definitely still multiple F/A teams that can form and make the pro league but I think they need to figure it out ASAP and start grinding before they fall too far behind.
  21. I like these scheduled scrims. Gives people the chance to build up hype and we (hopefully) won't have to watch someone sit in a lobby for 2 hours stressing to find a scrim.
  22. @@FlizzyFletch Really loving the player spotlights, especially with pros who are newer to the scene. Keep up what you're doing, looking forward to @ Lincoln County area, done talking about this on here lol, DM if actually interested.
  23. Realtor's policy unfortunately, tbh this isn't even a troll post, I literally have this apt and am looking for someone.
  24. 25 M Looking for a room mate to split my 2B/2B apartment on the Oregon coast. Full Kitchen, bay view, no smoking/drugs, no pets. Off street parking. Dank memes ok. $450 month + 1/2 utilities.

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