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  1. :/ not at all what I said. Also you can't update a broken TV.
  2. sorry I've been swapped the last couple of days so i haven't been able to reply. so ill try to reply on a few with my strict time budget sorry if i came across that way but, I'm not. i was just trying to answer how i feel about some questions i hear a lot about. I am trying to enjoy halo. sorry about the disconnect on the way how i posted. but i could care less about my points. I already know my profile is going to get a bad rep due to me not hoping on the band wagon on how everyone feels about halo. :/ horrible summary. to answer what you posted. I hate the saying "its easy to make a game" when the person has no idea. and also i think people jump the gun way too fast is what i was trying to get at. and there is more to my post then just that. sorry if you didn't understand what i was trying to get across. and @@T_ReV ive been meaning on making a post about helping out system link and ill reply more later. I'm out of time cheers!
  3. hum, I got 4 pages and a discussion. alot better then a couple post with gifs then a delete.
  4. I rather not. I would like to voice my opinions that are not the same of the band wagon. Puppet? nope. Supporter? 100% I feel the reach beta (minus armor lock) was 10 times a better game then the final. (i know that cause i still have playable beta) like i said i wasnt a fan of halo 4 release but did like the turbo update without ordance drops and custom loadouts. Sounds alot like the halo 5 beta. Yeah i know what you mean about the skill jump. but i feel like the skill jump that we know of "today" will clearly not exist in halo 5. but i feel like a new skill jump will exist in H5.
  5. For the some kf people that are complaining, I can tell you just skimmed through my post or you are guys are perceiving what you want to hear. For the hundreth time I'm upset with the team that worked on mmc multiplayer.. I'm upset with this game.. How many times do I need to post this??? Should I post it to every 2 hours? Why even bother to post without reading the full thing? Why am I defending this game?? Why am I defending 343???? So with being upset the right answer is to just let it die???? Is that what everyone wants??? Disassemble this 343?? Halo 4 was random gameplay at launch. MCC was a remake with the original 4 games. 1 game a crowed didn't like and 1 huge mess ups. So disassemble 343?? So let me tell you a story. I was at my friend's shop over looking a motor. At the same time they were finishing up on a full race built motor. One of the employee fired up the motor and it seized..... He forgot to put the break in oil in the motor. A full built motor done. For sure thought he was toast so I left before the blood bath started. I came back 2 week later and the kid was still there! Went to my friend and ask why in the world is this kid still here working. He said, "do you think he will do that same mistake?? plus do you think I want another mistake from some new kid again?" Looks guys I get it if it keep happening over and over. To some halo 4 isn't bad. Some would think its horrible. But being broken???? No. MCC is their first broken game sadley. The 343 team that worked on this learn from your mistake and get this game solid! Learn from your mistake and improve on yourself!!! I COULD CARE LESS IF I GET CALLED A KISS ASS!!! I want halo to be back on TOP!!! and calling them trash will not get the game back on top! The negative from the community will be the fall of halo. And to who ever said about the update for halo 4 do you even know how the turbo update worked on halo 4? You can buy halo 3 and 4 on 360. But you can't play halo ce or halo 2 on live. Halo ce has a poor net code? Duh. you act like their is a better choice? You act like their is a fall back plan Its at least something! They told us it was both PC games before it was released. I don't know about you and the last few days halo ce/ h2 has been treating my friends and I well. And stop defending this title?? Like I said its a huge let down before you forget again. I'm defending cause I don't want to give up to return to nothing..... Like I said 343 has mutliple teams. From the last vidoc it sounds Quinn and his boys are only working on halo 5. Sorry. But some of the post bother me cause they are aimless. And I replied to those aimless posts
  6. Lol this guy! No, however I wished! If you have read all of my post. Huge disconnect from what I'm trying to get across.....
  7. Thanks! Me as well. It seems like the team slayer playlist has turned into the halo ce playlist Lol. But a true halo ce playlist would be great.
  8. :/ then why even post if you are going to skim without understanding what I'm trying to get across.
  9. :/ yup I know what aesthetic means. I mean I don't know about you but I don't walk around scoped in looking at my peripheral bottom center of the screen. Also another thing is its going to increase skill gap for players to don't ever zoom in for a battle, (as long it there is no halo 3 br spread) halo 1 and halo 2 I hardly zoomed in, but once halo 3 came to be it made me pretty upset (fun game but br spread was a bummer deal) I had to start zooming in....
  10. I can see where most of the people coming from with track record. Halo 4 was 343 first game to get their feet wet. For me I was happy to see halo making a return, but then I was like :S with all the randomness then died off from playing. Then Bravo and Quinn got hired and improved on the game but you had to have the right game types to play them. At that point it was kinda late however It made me start to play again and host LANs. I'm just trying to stay hopeful is all.
  11. I have this same post on the halo wapoint forums as well.
  12. Ok a couple things. I don't know where the disconnect is but I'm pretty upset/let down about this title release as well. Im just seeing alot of wasted time with some of the very ridiculous complaints. So baisclly what I'm saying is let's get this fixed. But its clear when they are trying to get this broken game fixed and we keep harassing them. Just shut the hell up and let them work. I WANT this game fixed! Also I hate the term "its so easy to make a game" when people don'thave a clue. I'm just trying to stay positive and trying to help hold the community together. Other thing is I can't stand some people's claims of something when they don't have the full understanding of something. But really though, I want to play halo ce. Who wants to?
  13. well thanks Deez I went to look to see if it was anything against the rules. so i decided to do it again. And no its not, this isn't a thoughtless post.
  14. This post is to mainly express how I feel about MCC, upcoming H5 and most importantly the Halo community. I'm kind of tired of just sitting by and not being active in the community, also all the bold font are questions I have heard in the past multiple times from other players. I'm going to take a stab at them all in one post on how I feel about them. I with the rest of the community agree that the MCC release is upsetting, however it's not the end of my life. To be honest I'd rather be here instead of waiting and wondering when the next time I might LAN Halo CE or Halo 2 classic. Yeah, it's a bummer that it takes forever to find a game. BUT it's a lot better than not having it at all. (BUT I PAID FOR $60 BETA!? I WANTED THE POLISHED VERSION! I WOULD HAVE RATHER OF WAITED!!!) Well guess what, I did too! I paid 60 dollars for a buggy game..... But you know what... I would still have paid $60 right now to play Halo 5. Let's do a little bit of math, there are 27 days left until the beta, if i break it down per cost of each day it would be $2.25 rounded up. I'd rather pay that than going to the gas station for an over priced soda, I still would have done that for any of the halos. (BUT "CALL OF HALO 5" LOOKS LIKE TRASH!!!) Oh don't you worry love, I'll get back to you on that! Let's stay on the current topic for now. ( BUT STILL.... I would still rather waited for it!!!!). Oh, Perfect! Just simply turn off your Xbox and wait, easy solution, which that brings me to my next point. From what I’m guessing 343I had 3 things they could of done with MCC. MCC is an anniversary of Halo 2 which was November 9, 2004 (Great day by the way, I didn't sleep for like 3 days lol) which means that the 10 year mark would have been a few weeks ago on November 11, 2014, which are both on Tuesdays because it is the day that all new releases for pretty much all types of media(dvds,cds,games,etc)are available so the 11th is the closest to the 9th, the original anniversary date. Anyways, 3 options. Keep in mind that I'm aiming for the multiplayer experience, not the campaign (btw which has been very beautiful on the single player) 1) Only make halo 2 anniversary (because the Halo CE anniversary went over so well..) and nothing else which mean no Halo CE, no H2 classic, no H3 and for the H4 fans no H4 for you.) 2) Push the game back until who knows when and wait even longer, make the fans mad due to it not being a TRUE anniversary of Halo 2. 3) Release the game with a few bugs (which sounds like to me on their closed server they didn't have this big of issues for matchmaking) then release patches. At this point pick your poison, for me I'd rather be able to play a custom game like I did in Halo 2 when modding ruined match making. Yeah customs are buggy as well, it sucks that there are so many steps to change teams, it's hard to get a game going, so on and so on, but I'm still able to play Halo vs not to. (BUT 343I DROPPED THE BALL HOW CAN THEY MESS THIS UP! ITS A SIMPLE THING TO DO!) Simple? I didn't know developing games was easy? Yeah i mean, I can see that having 5 game engines running back to back on one UI (main menu) to flop between games, I mean so many other companies have done this..... let's be real and see what is in front of us, that's a lot of hard work and I haven't seen any "anniversary" games do this. Instead of bashing on this game lets get it fixed!!!!!! Start submitting bugs while you are waiting for the next game in match making!! Here are a couple links for bug reports. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2nab7g/updated_mcc_buglist/ https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/85d779d52cfd46918b4f8b638f2e3c7b/topics http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=931336 http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=929710 If there are more sites I'd be MORE THAN happy to post more up. (But you've got to admit that this game is buggy and frustrating.) Yes of course it is!!! However I'm not going to keep burning 343I for it! Really I get it, I want to play match making without any hiccups, but let go back 10 years ago. Halo 2 was broken for a few months. (NO IT WASN'T!!!!) Ummm it was indeed quite broken, however not as broken as MCC at launch, but Halo 2 BR was horrible, plasma grenades took forever to blow up, melee was garbage and match making didn't work. Here is a link to update notes. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Halo_2_Auto-Updates If you look from November all the way to April that was a long time to make an update for the game, how in the world did Halo 2 one of the greatest games survive that!? Coming from Halo CE with a 3 shot pistol to a horrible Battle Rifle was very upsetting. Basically what I'm saying is don't be too quick to sell your game and become Amish for the rest of your life. (Nothing against you Amish people, you guys make beautiful portable fire places) (But still it should of had a polished release.) Your right, it should have! We are long past that point, either way for 343I they had to chose to either delay the launch or ship how it was, they would of have gotten burnt from the fans either way. What I'm saying is now we should band together to get this game fixed. They need our support and feedback not our consistent burning, to be honest all of this trash talking on this game is going to hurt us (the players) in the long run. If I would have told all my friends that the game is trashed and is complete garbage, most of them would never even bothered to buy the game, which means for me I have reduced setting up custom games or LANS since there would be less players. (BlackPicture you are a fool, you cant do LANS) Yes you can I'll post helpful hits on how to make it work easier later. Back to topic about shooting ourselves in the foot, instead of just 100% bad mouthing this to all my friends, I would just give them a heads up that the game is buggy, but fixable in due time and to wait it out. (THEY CHANGED HALO CE!!! I CANT SHOOT RIGHT ANYMORE!!!) Ok Mr. "I used to throw a pig skin over a mountain back in my day". It's because you are used to playing split screen in halo CE vs having your own screen in MCC. The split screen, the reticle (the blue circle you aim with) is placed differently and its size to screen ratio is different as well on split screen vs single screen. Trust me its the same, you are just used to split screen halo CE.To be honest Halo CE is updated, earlier in Halo CE you used to not be able to shoot behind you while you were jumping, it may look like it but the bullet was going to your side or rocket then killing yourself. They have now fixed it. As promised it's time for that halo 5 #swag (HALO 5!? 343I STILL NEEDS TO FIX MCC!!!!) OK, really?? Do you really think there is only one team at 343I at a given time? MCC goes gold then they hurry and make Halo 5 look as good as it is night now all in less than 1 month? lol No. As you can tell in multiple videos there are a few different teams working from MCC to H5. (meh Call of halo 5......) If you are judging the game over watching a five second leak game play footage you are a fool..... I know what it looks like, (NO! IT HAS COD ADS!!!!) not really....... Watch the real game play and then you can compare it to COD. Comparing a COD hip fire you are all over the place vs H5 it still shoots the same as the other Halo's excluding Halo reach. "zoomed in/ADS" COD ADS slow your movement speed dramatically which makes strafing a joke. In halo you move just the same speed while hip firing! Lastly all there is left to it is the visuals, I mean come on people! It's Xbox One! Let Halo get the Xbox One treatment! Why would we want a cheesy screen effect from Xbox classic? What do i mean? I'll show you. cheesy zoom in http://www.halopedia.org/images/d/d4/Halo-2-20070411043848392.jpg to Modern zoom in. http://i.imgur.com/QbjYofg.jpg http://teambeyond.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Halo-5-Aim-Down-Sights.png (ok ok I kinda get it, but what about sprint.....) These are my feelings on sprint, I like it to get into battle faster, but I hate it when someone makes a poor decision on their map placement, then can hurry and leave, nothing pisses me off more. So if you watch the videos of sprinting in halo 5 all I can say is THANK YOU 343!!! You guys are in the right direction with making sprint work! Halo 1 and Halo 2 don't bother me, but when I play Halo 2 anniversary sometimes I feel naked without it, anyways hopefully you get my point. It is much easier to trash talk the game then it is to really put yourself out there with your own opinions. I've asked a lot of people why they feel the way they do about H5 and I haven't really gotten a great reply. I mainly run into a copy and paste that someone else had written.... Here are some pro players' (not 343 pro players) feedback so far. Mikwen's feed back - http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F7177-halo-5-guardians-multiplayer-beta-reveal-discussion%2Fpage-179#entry343834 Flamesword's feek back - Gandhi's feed back Ok so if you want to see what they are talking about here is some links to this really nice guy named Greenskull from ready up live. (ok ok, I'm smelling what you are stepping in, but what if when the beta comes out I don't like it?? what then?) This is the awesome part about the beta! IT'S TRULY A BETA!!! most beta's was only for stress testing networks and finding exploits with little feed back about how the game works. 343I Wants us to truly voice our opinions so PLEASE I cant stress this enough don't just say "this game is a joke" and then leave it at that. PLEASE VOICE YOUR OPINION on how and why, be constructive about it!!! Please fully understand what you are about to submit and how it works!!! For example the ground pound, everyone is saying it's like the Titan Smash from Destiny, WRONG. Ground Pound is very hard to use, you have to be dead on with the player. Titan smash is splash damage which is easy to use. Huge difference! Make sure you fully understand what you are about to submit for feedback!!! This is our game and we need to make sure to help out!!!! (so it kinda sounds like you are trying to get into bed with 343 by defending them) No not really, I'll be honest I want this game to be back on top. Yeah I am giving 343 benefit of the doubt and believing in them. Heck thank you guys for keeping Halo alive, I was pretty bummed out when I heard reach was going to be the last Halo game. the last 13 years I've had halo to fall back on for a good time. why would I want to stop?? Why would I want it to stop? THE COMMUNITY UNITY!!!!!! Ok, so the last thing I am going to cover and say is thank you, this is how this game will benefit the casual players and competitive/pro players, this is what i mean by it. In Halo 1 you get pistol start or plasma pistol start with the possibility of radar, pretty simple right? Halo 2 SMG or BR start, maybe plasma pistol turned off on some levels like mid ship. I will now fast forward to Halo Reach... oh boy.. First off where I live I host ALOT of LAN parties.. A LOT at one point it died and this is the reason why. During Halo reach era the problem with it was you have the casual players that played out of the box match making. then you had the pro players playing MLG custom game types which was great but, it cut the halo player base in half, meaning you had people only wanting to play out of the box reach game types (ewww) and pro players wanting to play extremely different game types (jump, movement, gravity, and so on) which there was no middle ground like halo 1 or 2. it was so different and i feel that also hurt the fan base, it wasn't the same fan based. Now with H5 i feel like they are going back to make it the same game experience for everyone with little changes from casual play to competition. so which means what ever game type you play. the br will shoot the same, jump height will be the same, grenade throws will be the same. THIS IS A HUGE benefit for the community. bottom line we need to improve on the community which this will be a huge help for us! Just remember without a community there is no competition for tournaments. Anyways, thanks guys for taking the time to read this. I'll try my best to reply to any of you, but I've been sick the last 13 days so I'm really behind on a lot of things in my personal life, so bare with me if it takes time to reply. PS add me for Halo CE customs!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE or if you want to get rocked on Halo 2 midship MLG FFA lol. Cheers!!! -Black Picture. aka Cliff

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