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  1. you go to quite the game halo 3 go to manage game and go to install like updates and stuff and that and thats where all dlc is for halo
  2. is there anyway to download all dlc for halo 3 on the Xbox one. it only allows me to download cold storage and mythic 2 map pack not the first mythic or all the other ones DLC. WHY 343?????? I WANT TO PLAY DOUBLE TEAM not lone wolf and team slayer. anyone having this problem i want to play team snipers so bad. WHy do they release it with some dlc but not all i cant find anyone talking about this so i made this thread. kills me no one is mad about this 343 is going to kill me i have so much of life in halo 1-3 please help no im not going to harm my self.
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