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  1. Long story short, finished school so I now have the free time to put back into this game. Looking for a t03 or FA's looking to start something up. I have experience in LAN, including my event in H3 at meadowlands 09. Placed top 64.. not like that matterS much now. I can take place of any role but prefer OBJ, OR support. Positive attitude and a strong team player. GT ; PrimeTxme to run games
  2. PrimeTime

    NFL Thread

    Spiller or AP would work well for us IF DEMARCO doesnt come back.
  3. bump. just moved and back on the sticks again. Looking to run games. Will be on tonight around 530 est and on.
  4. im down to run games. Add me on live. My GT is PrimeTxme
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