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  1. I yearn for the day that FPS games (and games, in general) return to this design, rather than relying on same tired linear, overly-scripted hallways as "levels". GoldenEye 007 holds a lot better than people give it credit for because it practically pioneered 3-D freedom that was advertised in many N64 games at the time; not many shooters took this to heart, and mostly seemed to abandon this type of structure without even attempting to evolve it, and that's a shame.
  2. Thanks. I'll give some of his videos a watch, someday.
  3. To be honest, not particularly, but when I do stumble upon a speed-run of either game, it's mesmerizing to watch. Heck, the games practically encourage speed-running, because that's how the cheats were unlocked.
  4. Note: I finally managed to complete all thirty challenges (again) on the Combat Simulator. It took much longer than it should have, but I feel as if a great burden has been placed off my shoulders. Who knows what I might do next? I might just decide to record some of my favorite cheats in the game, because it's quite common to find a guide detailing ways to beat the timestamps required to earn some of the more fun cheats in the game. Or I could record some of the modes that weren't featured in any of the challenges, such as "Pop a Cap".
  5. Thanks. When I have the chance, I'll read all of them, and see if these methods work.
  6. Hell, I actually managed to beat The Library while I was doing a playthrough of the game over a year ago. And it was all within the first try, as well.
  7. I have, but my computer does a bad job running the game. One thing I hate about PC gaming is that a lot of old games need to be patched up to date with modern computers in order to be playable.
  8. That was Vicarious Visions, not Toys for Bob. Sure, TfB might've ported N. Sane Trilogy to other platforms, but the development was by VV. But yes, Toys for Bob did some great work revitalizing the Reignited Trilogy, and so far, I'm impressed with their next project, Crash Bandicoot 4.
  9. Someone needs to send this to both r/halo and Waypoint.
  10. It also seems as if the fidelity had to be decreased just to mimic the "classic" Halo look. I'll just chalk up to 343i having a hard trying to make their games more similar to the aesthetics of the Halo trilogy.
  11. I really don't understand why they never made the first two Halo games compatible with the Xbox One. The 360 titles are backwards compatible, so I don't see a reason why they wouldn't include the one that started it all, and the sequel that revolutionized online console gaming.
  12. Remove them, period. Nobody wants them with explosive weapons, and we don't need them on regular weapons because we've already had shields that would enlarge upon taking damage, starting from Halo 2.
  13. You're joking, right? Halo 3's pacing is terrible because of those two equipment pick-ups.
  14. Coincidentally, I have all the aforementioned systems, with the PS3 being the sole exception. Of course, I still have a PS4 (a console I rarely play, and don't really "own", anyway) my brother's old SNES (with a broken power port that I still have to replace; I have a replacement, but I just need to figure out how to solder it) and a Nintendo Switch, so I guess that evens it out. PC gaming is predominately more competitive than console gaming; you'll be better off switching to the former for some good competition. All the more reason to station it as your preferred platform. You might benefit more focusing on one system — using it as a multi-purpose conduit. I'll stick with what I already have. The PS5 doesn't impress me enough to consider buying it. Maybe if more games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales catch my eye, I might be more inclined to buy it.
  15. I don't normally double posts (especially to bump threads), but Knights of the Old Republic is some of Bioware's best work.
  16. Ah, makes sense. I understand why people thought ODST was overpriced DLC for Halo 3, but I felt the Campaign never garnered the attention it deserved, because I loved the way Bungie spiced up the narrative. It introduced Firefight — a mode that I spent much of my time on. And the OST is to die for; it definitely comes close to beating Halo 2 for the best Halo soundtrack, ever. And the FoV makes the game much more accessible than the original Halo 3.
  17. Eh, Halo 3: ODST is better, despite not being a PvP game... unless Reach is the 4th Halo FPS you're referring to.
  18. I, myself, never understood the appeal of the Sniper Rifle in Halo 3. It feels a little too heavy and there is a some sort of recoil muzzle effect after firing a bullet. I swear, Halo: Combat Evolved is the only game in this franchise with consistent quality. If there were anything I'd change about it, it would be to make the movement akin to Halo 2's and copy some of Halo 3's aesthetics and Needler. As for vehicular combat, maybe make the Scorpion's cannon a little more accurate, and not having players die by simply getting nudged by vehicles, in general.
  19. I don't hold Halo 3 with as much animosity as many people in this forum do, but it's hard to talk about the game without mentioning its piss-poor weapon sandbox, the netcode, the FoV... Halo 3 is just not great Multiplayer game, period, and I don't care if it represents the peak of Halo's popularity; Halo 3's was popular because of its advertising, customization, and its features, not because of its design. That's not even taking its lackluckster Campaign into account. Five out of the nine playable missions are just filler battles on Earth until "The Ark", which was originally supposed to be the final resolution to Halo 2's narrative. I still think Halo 3 is a good game in its own right, but it's not the magnum opus of the series; neither is Halo 2.
  20. The problem is how niche this forum is. Other than r/CompetitiveHalo and TB, I can't think of any other section that houses the more analytical side of the Halo community. Besides, 343i would rather listen to the more populated Waypoint forums or r/Halo than us, anyway.
  21. I don't find the Banished to be all that hype-worthy. They made a good impression with the introduction of Atriox as one of the few smart, calculating Brutes in the series, but the faction is a complete far cry from the curbstomp that Red Team suffered in the Prologue. To add more insult to injury: Brutes were never done well in any Halo campaign featuring them. They were glitchy bullet sponges (in Halo 2) or baboon buffoons (in Halo 3 and up). Halo Wars 1 was probably the most accurate depiction of their namesake in gameplay (at least in Skirmish and Multiplayer); they were deadly against all types of units.
  22. It was founded and is led by a Brute, after all.
  23. There's still r/Competitive/Halo, though predictably, it doesn't see much action.
  24. I really wish Halo had bots in Multiplayer. People might scoff at the idea, but Multiplayer games shouldn't be limited to just human players.
  25. Doubt anyone cares about this. It's not a competitive game, and to some people, the game (N64 version, at least) hasn't "aged" well altogether (I think it's a stupid way to judge a game's merit, but I'm not getting into that, right now). I know some people here have talked about it (I know @FarSight XR~20 and I have; quite a lot), and some might even have very fond memories of playing it. I did a full playthrough of the game today on Perfect Agent. It was a bit grueling, having to record and upload the videos, but I managed. I still have to tackle the Institute hub, explore some of the Multiplayer options, cheats, Easter Eggs, and more.
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