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  1. I really wish Halo had bots in Multiplayer. People might scoff at the idea, but Multiplayer games shouldn't be limited to just humans players.
  2. Doubt anyone cares about this. It's not a competitive game, and to some people, the game (N64 version, at least) hasn't "aged" well altogether (I think it's a stupid way to judge a game's merit, but I'm not getting into that, right now). I know some people here have talked about it (I know @FarSight XR~20 and I have; quite a lot), and some might even have very fond memories of playing it. I did a full playthrough of today on Perfect Agent. It was a bit grueling, having to record and upload the videos, but I managed. I still have to tackle the Institute hub, explore some of the Multiplayer options, cheats, Easter Eggs, and more.
  3. I'm a bit late here, and no one else will probably respond to this thread, but here's my stand. People dislike Melee Lunge because they don't want to magically teleport a few meters just to hit someone with the butt end of their weapon. Melee is an inherently defensive mechanic; it's supposed to be use to get someone off your face, not hurdle yours towards them. It's a stupid method of game design to have a mechanic act contrary to what it's supposed to be. Nonsense. The "accident" is that Bungie didn't realize players would take Halo seriously as a competitive MP game. Halo: CE being designed as it is wasn't the accident because Hardy Lebel and his team knew what they were doing.
  4. This isn't a shock to most people, here, that Gearbox made several mistakes when porting Halo: CE to Windows and Mac computers. Despite this, I still wanted to post a YouTuber describing these issues in good detail. You might find something you haven't realize before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6nZPrMSu0w&list=FLOskQ9qekc8Y8vEsGyEy2ww&index=2&t=0s This is very important that this information gets spread across the web. Other Halo communities should know about this, in the act of preserving such a classic video game. Halo: Combat Evolved is the only Halo game that I truly appreciate, and I admired all the hard work and dedication Hardy Lebel and his team put into the game Multiplayer.
  5. In the Farsight's defense, it's not that easy to score a shot at someone, especially if they're speed-strafing across the map, and it's even more difficult to fire from the hip when they're close to you.
  6. If there one's aspect from the Halo series that was consistently good, it was co-op. Except for maybe Halo 5.
  7. I've stumbled upon a article a few before I came here, coincidentally. The leaks on Twitter might have been deleted quickly, so it looks like I'll just have to wait and see.
  8. I think so, too. I'm still not finished reading the Fall of Reach, but I like this plot.
  9. If this does happen, they should have Blur return for the CGI. Matter of fact, make the whole movie CGI.
  10. While Microsoft did make all of these decisions. And while the XBLA port of PD has audible issues, geometry issues, a slightly gimped MP experience, and a redesign art style that doesn't look as aesthetically good as the N64 version, I still like the improvements in the framerate (it's a lot more consistent, let's just leave it at that), dual-analog control, achievements, crowns, and the Xbox Live capabilities - such as leaderboards and online gameplay (albeit buggy, because the game wasn't designed with that concept in mind). Of course, I'd still rather play the N64 version, because I tend to play games on the hardware they were originally designed for. Isn't 343i a division of Microsoft?
  11. Yes, that's true. However, most of that negative response were from people who were planning on buying the system before the announcement. I'm not trying to paint Microsoft in a good light, but Microsoft doesn't have complete control over the games they publish. I don't think Microsoft cares about what the fans want as long as they aren't the ones developing/porting the games, and you can't blame Microsoft for the way Perfect Dark XBLA turned out. 4J Studios are the ones who made the decision to redesign everything, altering the music, etc. Then again, the fact that Microsoft doesn't care is the reason why Microsoft is a very loathed company in the gaming industry, and maybe I'm just looking into too much from just one rumor and a tweet on Twitter, but damn if I'm not desperate for something like Perfect Dark. Again, I'm a bit skeptical about this. It's only just the rumor that it being developed, right now, but there has to be a reason why one of the members at Rare made that tweet - it could be hinting at something. If a new PD game does get announced, I hope it's from an FPS studio who knows what an FPS is supposed, and respects the original Perfect Dark, and I'm not an TPS company whose games are solely centered around cover-based gameplay.
  12. It's all the reason why people have called them out on it. Even if it is their attitude, they can't deny consumer and fan demands, because even Microsoft knows that the relationship between the customer and the company is a finite resource. Microsoft did remove most, if not all, of the restrictions on the Xbox One when it was first announced in 2013.
  13. I tried using Legacy Controls once, but never bothered to get accustomed to them. Thanks for providing the links, and while Microsoft's soulless player base support, pigheaded business practices, lack of attention towards the IPs that they own, and corporate greed appalls me, we still have the power to speak up about this. Let the people who are actually developing the game make the decisions, and listen to fans and consumers. As for Perfect Dark. I would love to see something happen to the series, but I'm still skeptical about how it will turn out. Interesting information, but not something that we don't already know. I would like a Perfect Dark sequel, but I don't want excessive amounts of edge and seriousness because it seemed like Perfect Dark: Core was going for that direction. Perfect Dark never took itself too seriously, and people don't remember the game being edgy. What made Perfect Dark stand out was how dynamic, varied, and fun it was.
  14. The last time we had a release of anything related to Perfect Dark, it was the 2010 HD XBLA remaster (it's not a remake - there's a difference) of the original N64 game. Perfect Dark Zero was released on November 2005, but we haven't had a new PD game in almost 13 years. The GBC game was obscure, so I highly doubt people will remember it. It's a shame that the only good game in the series is the N64 game, which came out almost 18 years ago. The only things that held it back were the framerate and the N64 controller. You can play the remaster, and it removes these issues, but 4J studios made the animations too snappy to truly have the game run at 60fps. I should also note that while it's nice to have dual analog sticks for moving and aiming, I miss the easily-achieved speed boost of holding two buttons at a diagonal angle. The remaster also has audio problems, mainly concerning the soundtrack. Listen to the N64 version of Maian Tears, then listen to the one in the XBLA remaster. I don't want to delve in too much about the problems I had with the XBLA remaster, since that's not the reason why I started this discussion. The main idea that came to my mind, regarding the rumors of Coalition "working" on a new Perfect Dark game (devs of Gears of War), was that Coalition's game design doesn't fit Perfect Dark's First-Person perspective, objective-based gameplay (these rumors popped up a few months ago, I've only discovered them recently). Almost two weeks ago, Rate Ltd. sent out a tweet on Twitter with a pair of Perfect Dark-themed shorts for the summer, and there are articles speculating that we might get some news on the series during E3. I'm not getting my hopes up, but if we do get some news, I hope the rumors of Coalition being involved are false. I have nothing against them, but they gravitate towards making Third-Person Shooters with a cover-based gameplay style. The last time Perfect Dark did cover-based mechanics, it flopped miserably. Another reason I made this thread is because Perfect Dark doesn't get much attention, aside from @@FarSight XR~20 and yours truly. Halo could learn a lot from Perfect Dark, when it comes to difficulty, content, modes, etc. 343i should also take notes because they obviously aren't listening to us, anytime soon. So, what do you guys think? Does anyone think they might be teasing on a new Perfect Dark game, or are they pulling our strings?
  15. I could name a few more reasons. The first three Halo games (mainly 1 and 3) had a unique, unparalleled religious art style to the series. Some of it was lost in Reach, and every single aspect of the art design was changed in Halo 4 - making everything look glossy and more akin to other sci-fi games and movies. It just looks so uninspired, and the fact that you have marines which looked like they were ripped straight out of the comic book, worse. It further solidifies the popular opinion on this forum that 343i are anything, but creative with their games. It's a smaller issue than what we've complained about in the past, but it's still an issue from aesthetic stand point because they didn't even bother trying to differentiate the Marine design from a 12-year-old Batman comic - that's lazy.

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