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  1. And I won't dispute that. I believe DooM Eternal should've just went with DooM 16's aesthetics, because it's a direct follow-up to it. It's just weird to see the art revert back into an older style just for the sake of capturing what was commonplace in the '90s, when it didn't need to, and without much care on how it would translate into a contemporary, full 3-D Shooter.
  2. I figured that was the point, which explains how much similar the character designs are to the first DooM games.
  3. I yearn for the day that FPS games (and games, in general) return to this design, rather than relying on same tired linear, overly-scripted hallways as "levels". GoldenEye 007 holds a lot better than people give it credit for because it practically pioneered 3-D freedom that was advertised in many N64 games at the time; not many shooters took this to heart, and mostly seemed to abandon this type of structure without even attempting to evolve it, and that's a shame.
  4. Thanks. I'll give some of his videos a watch, someday.
  5. To be honest, not particularly, but when I do stumble upon a speed-run of either game, it's mesmerizing to watch. Heck, the games practically encourage speed-running, because that's how the cheats were unlocked.
  6. Note: I finally managed to complete all thirty challenges (again) on the Combat Simulator. It took much longer than it should have, but I feel as if a great burden has been placed off my shoulders. Who knows what I might do next? I might just decide to record some of my favorite cheats in the game, because it's quite common to find a guide detailing ways to beat the timestamps required to earn some of the more fun cheats in the game. Or I could record some of the modes that weren't featured in any of the challenges, such as "Pop a Cap".
  7. Thanks. When I have the chance, I'll read all of them, and see if these methods work.
  8. Hell, I actually managed to beat The Library while I was doing a playthrough of the game over a year ago. And it was all within the first try, as well.
  9. I have, but my computer does a bad job running the game. One thing I hate about PC gaming is that a lot of old games need to be patched up to date with modern computers in order to be playable.
  10. That was Vicarious Visions, not Toys for Bob. Sure, TfB might've ported N. Sane Trilogy to other platforms, but the development was by VV. But yes, Toys for Bob did some great work revitalizing the Reignited Trilogy, and so far, I'm impressed with their next project, Crash Bandicoot 4.
  11. Someone needs to send this to both r/halo and Waypoint.
  12. It also seems as if the fidelity had to be decreased just to mimic the "classic" Halo look. I'll just chalk up to 343i having a hard trying to make their games more similar to the aesthetics of the Halo trilogy.
  13. I really don't understand why they never made the first two Halo games compatible with the Xbox One. The 360 titles are backwards compatible, so I don't see a reason why they wouldn't include the one that started it all, and the sequel that revolutionized online console gaming.
  14. Remove them, period. Nobody wants them with explosive weapons, and we don't need them on regular weapons because we've already had shields that would enlarge upon taking damage, starting from Halo 2.
  15. You're joking, right? Halo 3's pacing is terrible because of those two equipment pick-ups.
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