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  1. I'm looking to play both customs and team throwdown a lot to become better. My gamertag is KDLR23
  2. This made me crave Halo 5 even more! I thought it was a lot better than the original one showed at E3.
  3. San Antonio! GT: KDLR23
  4. We had a scale to weigh the bridge. The bridge was placed between two tables about 13 inches apart and we had a strap that went over the middle of the bridge that held a bucket for the weights. We increased weight after the bridge held the previous weight for at least 10 seconds. My team got up to 155 pounds than the bridge finally snapped on the left side.
  5. This is one of my final projects that I had to do. It's made out of spaghetti and hot glue. It weighed less than one pound and was able to hold up to 155 pounds. Took literally forever to make though.

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