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  1. Can't wait to get a guy one shot only for him to pop the overshield he was carrying around with him.
  2. Sprint. Meh graphics. Annoying announcer. Nothing to really excite me unfortunately.
  3. Good thing network relays were broken, never fixed and instead set to off by default so me and my teammates can get hit offline by cheaters in the hardcore playlist. This might be the only thing about MCC that's just like I remember it.
  4. Pc release is the only thing that could fix this game's last fatal flaw (low pop). If it's anything else who cares. Imagine a world where microsoft isn't totally inept, and they realize the only way to compete with the fortnite's of 2019 is to have a flawless pc port and or crossplay. It's been my nagging suspicion (delusion?), that the only reason MCC ever got the funding for these updates was for the eventual pc port as Halo infinite marketing. tin foil theory> the modern aiming update was a smart way to start working on mouse and keyboard support
  5. BXR is considered too easy by a lot of ppl and that's why they dislike it, so yes I agree with your assumption. Ease of use:damage is the only balance that should ever exist in multiplayer games. Ironically it's why h5 is so damn shit.
  6. Why has nobody suggested this crazy idea: 75 kills. Or is that too much like cod
  7. Then just change the name from HARDCORE MLG CTF V8 to fuckin multi flag ctf on the pit and nobody will even notice lmao
  8. There's no reason to only mixtape social modes. Just have both but restrict searching between the two. I also think having gametypes as a filter is excessive. Voting/veto is better, to keep fragmentation from becoming too high. SOCIAL MIXTAPE Team Training [ ] CE [ ] H2 [ ] H2A [ ] H3 [ ] H4 Big Team Battle [ ] CE [ ] H2 [ ] H2A [ ] H3 [ ] H4 Action Sack [ ] CE [ ] H2 [ ] H2A [ ] H3 [ ] H4 RANKED MIXTAPE Team Arena [ ] CE [ ] H2 [ ] H2A [ ] H3 [ ] H4 Team Doubles [ ] CE [ ] H2 [ ] H2A [ ] H3 [ ] H4 Rumble Pit [ ] CE [ ] H2 [ ] H2A [ ] H3 [ ] H4 I'd honestly prefer voting in every playlist again. Team Arena would have MLG gametypes in the first slot. Second slot would be an objective gametype when the first slot is slayer and vice versa so there's always an option for both. Third slot could be snipers so people can play it when they actually want to, as opposed to now.
  9. "Halo 5 was a return to form and revived the community" is the narrative they're trying to push lmao. That couldn't be further from the truth unless y'alls standards have really gotten this low. Viewership is still 20k for million dollar tournaments. This video is a sad cover up.
  10. That video actually triggers the fuck out of me. Microsoft probably sent some halo infinite marketing money over to theScore.
  11. I know, I just think voting is a good way to add more variety without extra playlists. Voting is only bad if there's multiple games in a playlist imo. Maybe if snipers was in the 3rd slot of the arena playlists ppl wouldn't bitch about it so much lol. I would get bored if the only ranked H2 playlist had just 5 maps. Likewise I don't want to be forced to play tombstone slayer unless I really want to switch it up.
  12. The only changes I would make to this are to add CE social 4s and add the non hardcore gametypes to the 2nd/3rd slots of the ranked playlists with voting. FFA, BTB, and Doubles should all be single-game and rotate every week with each game only occupying one of the playlists at a time.
  13. So are party/rank restrictions really not working? Also I gotta disagree w everyone crying about sniper/obj in team arena. The whole fuckin point of that playlist is to put all the gametypes that aren't in the hardcore playlist. I would take it a step further and combine the two playlists anyway to add btb or dubs.
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