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  1. SO after all that complaining that you all wanted a 1-50 now you don't care? wow.
  2. People will see this and not like it and leave. WOuld you rather have it 1-50 or reach. 1-50 sounds better.
  3. I want a 1-50 system not a reach tier system.
  4. So you want to play it like reach. well good luck getting into the high tiers when there is 15 players playing it. #haloreacharenaisback
  5. The issue is now you have to play 10 games to get put into a ranking section. its not true skill 1-50 its reachs system.
  6. don't matter it has the stupid reach system it will fail like it did in reach man.thought we had the god of MM skll ranking making the game guess he was told to make it like reach.
  7. impaitent enough that we are dropping 8k to nearly 10k viewers.
  8. So it looks like we are going back to halo reachs ranking system and you have to play certain number of matches to get a rank gg 343 well halo 5 looks like it might fail early.
  9. The other team should be standing or sitting by the main stage to get right on to it.
  10. It takes to long to get teams on the main stage as soon as the series is over the other team should be already be getting on and plugging in and then the match should start.
  11. 10k we are going to be at 4k by the time these finals start
  12. went from 18k to 12k in a matter of seconds and losing more by the moment.
  13. and there gos the viewers gg 4k instantly
  14. taking bets we drop 8k viewers when OG loses
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