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  1. I wish they could release it on Steam, since MS seems to be unable to release even H3 on PC. I haven't played Halo for a while, Xbone One is gathering dust as we speak, since I have moved on to PC. I am not even mad anymore about Halo. I just don't see any future for "main" Halo games as long as MS is bent on stuffing in microtrasactions & 343i is nothing more than its lapdog with poor management that can not see what fans want and corporate suits on top. But I hope that installation 01 will be the Halo game on PC.
  2. That is precice, lets not forget the focus group testing & inclusion of microtransactions with badly made gamemodes :/ Maybe Halo 6 will be include sone sort of last man standing style gamemode with REQ Cards, since PUBG Fortnite are so popular. I wouldn't be suprised since M$ seems to be getting more aggressive with Microtransactions.
  3. I think so, they did show it at GDC 2013.
  4. I agree, its so sad to see how some people on somewhere agree everything that 343i has done like releasing playlists that should have been at launch, 9 months later or not fixing theater (btw still broken) and the list goes on. Atleast DICE fixed BF4 and learned from it, unlike 343i with MCC. I honestly dk what is wrong with 343i, is the upper management shitty, MS pressuring too much, general attitude of studio, too many contractors or combination of all ?
  5. Did he wander around on desert for years while making the map ?
  6. This would explain also the exodus of story guys at 343, the major incohesion of the story of Halo 5, why 343 did not hire more story guys for Halo 5, but left writing for Reed. Btw He is still @ 343, dunno if hes still lead writer.
  7. I remember seeing some redesigned medals while back, they were nice. Seems that Halo 4 & 5's medals are made to appeal kids with bright colour scheme and such. And rewarding everything with medals does not help either.
  8. What username do you got on Waypoint ? I bet you are going to gather some Gabelle Tomorrow on Waypoint
  9. And Halo has to evolve, I want to feel like real spartan, if you dont like it go play MCC.
  10. Edit, meant to edit original not double post -.-
  11. Yeap, its so sad they just tend to sway away from Halo & sailing to the direction of other games.
  12. I bet whoever is reading mine will get tired of reading
  13. Just read about new Breakout, 343i failed to meet my expectations, they surpassed them. Who seriously tought that adding shotgun was good Idea, the 6 year old @ 343 ? Dare I say adios "Halo 6"*. *Halo 6 contains microtranactions, and is hero based shooter with ADS and Exotic weapons.
  14. B-but its not ADS, its Smart-Scope™ On serious note I'd like to see H3(A), on PC.
  15. Feeling when CoD looks like more Halo™ than Halo. They are seriously goin after Waypointers with Sprint & Abilities
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