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  1. I'm waiting until they add dedicated servers before playing CE again. Played a Derelict TS tonight and would put entire clips into people, watch their shields light up the whole time, and not even pop their shields once the entire game. Meanwhile I'm getting 3 shotted across the map. I don't mind getting outplayed, but it's hard to compete in a shooter when your bullets do nothing. Maybe one of these days they'll figure out how to get their servers working. Until then, it's just false advertising.
  2. If he did that, his teams would lose and there would be no GOAT discussion. Whatever it is that he is doing is obviously contributing toward winning. Just because you don't understand his contributions doesn't mean they aren't a big factor. This is the player who was teaching Pistola how to play 4v4 when they first started teaming in 2010 (this was from Ola himself). Given that fact, it stands to reason there are probably things he adds to the team that randoms on some web forum don't understand. His placings speak for themselves.
  3. That MCC car ad was unrealistic. The car didn't crash.
  4. That's not true. The OG Xbox used a 733 MHz Pentium III x86 processor. Only the 360 used PowerPC. This still doesn't explain why they used the Vista port instead of the original.
  5. Patch notice: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/85d779d52cfd46918b4f8b638f2e3c7b/topics/the-master-chief-collection-bug-investigation/e024f78f-6022-4a49-99ea-67562ec5b4ca/posts
  6. They've each gotten worse because they're made by a bunch of Captain Grade 3s who are willfully ignorant about how the game is played. Most of the changes for the worse have been the developers' attempts to "fix" the way skilled players win by dumbing down the weapons and adding randomness. For example, H2's weapon spawn system was an attempt to "fix" weapon timing in CE because Bungie didn't want people to win that way. Instead of having the gun respawn every 1:00 or whatever in CE, H2 made the gun respawn XX seconds after you drop the empty one. This broke more things than it fixed. Now the team that had the last sniper rifle is the only team that knows when the next one will spawn. It also destroyed map movement and made the game more campy; people got the power weapons and would go camp somewhere (like camping the beach on Zanzibar TS with the snipers and gauss hog) since you didn't have to worry about moving around to secure the next spawn. Bungie apparently didn't anticipate any of this because they're all so bad at their own game, and too arrogant to consult skilled players. This is like having people who can barely play basketball redesigning the rules of the game every year because they get dominated by better players.
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