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  1. It's really incredible how diverse human architecture is around the world in 2020, yet in 2558 everything is the same exact curved white metal panels. Three games in a row we have gotten the same dogshit UNSC aesthetics and I'm so sick of it.
  2. The magnum and shotgun are not in the game and were replaced with soulless modern warfare guns so that they can eventually release a "nostalgia" REQ pack for everyone to pay for.
  3. Regarding fan projects, there are two great ones in the works, Installation 01 and Project Contingency, the latter of which seems to be very far along in development according to a recent blog post they made. They're more geared towards the Halo 2/3 gameplay loop than CE's, but they'll still probably be better than whatever 343 is going to show us (and have better graphics lmao)
  4. Kinda sounds like victim blaming imo
  5. I think the game looks as wretched as anyone else does, but I do want to correct people who are saying that it's the Xbox One's fault, as I don't think this is accurate. I have never bought into this argument from PC players that consoles are "holding them back" visually. Infinite is a PC game and unless it has high system requirements, the game is being developed to be playable on the lowest common denominator hardware. Also, there are games on the PS4 and Xbox One that look a lot better than Infinite currently does. The "holding back" argument can be a fair argument for gameplay, sometimes, like how Crysis 2 was very clearly dumbed down to appeal to the market trends of its contemporaries, but I don't think it's applicable in this case. The blame is solely on 343.
  6. People like Reach because of everything other than its core gameplay, oddly enough. People like the campaign, firefight, the art direction, the customization, the social features, Forge World & custom games, and all the fun there was to be had with those things. This is part of why Halo 3 is so venerated as well, though 3 had better core gameplay and a far more active competitive scene than Reach, which made it more well rounded. Even by today's standards, Reach is an extremely robust and complete shooter. Really, what other shooter has as much content and replayability (all tied together flawlessly by the snappy and intuitive UI, no less)? Since 343 took over, not only have the gameplay decisions been extremely controversial, but many auxiliary features have been removed or gutted. I think even Halo 4, being as bad as it was, would have still held a community for longer if the forge wasn't so bad and all the custom variants & options from Reach were present. Hell, I remember spending hours hunting down and downloading a ton of forge maps and custom games for Halo 5 to try and relive those Reach-esque glory days of minigame lobbies with the boys... only to find out 343 had completely broken forge in an update and all content creators would have to save and re-upload their maps & variants after the next patch. I was so demoralized by this that I never even tried again. Reach was THE definitive template for a Halo game and this is the primary reason why it is so fondly remembered despite the extremely controversial gameplay decisions. For Halo to return to form, it doesn't only need to have a well-executed classic gameplay formula, it needs to be at least as feature complete as Reach was, and all of these things need to work better than they ever have before. On top of that, they probably have to include most of the extra things that have been put in since then such as Warzone and spectator mode, AND whatever new stuff they have cooking up.
  7. xbox u just posted cringe bro !!!
  8. Titanfall 1's core gameplay was much better than 2's, but 2 is still a great game. They made a lot of weird dumb changes just for the sake of it. You could attribute the lack of longevity of the game (though this is a little overblown - you can still find matches on Xbox no problem) to many things but I don't think the core gameplay is one of them.
  9. Yes please. This idea of an open world Halo sounds like a nightmare. Halo is a very simple game and there is mechanically not enough going on to support an open world format without totally rehauling everything into some kind of Far Cry experience with a Halo skin. What you are suggesting fits into Halo's style of gameplay far, far better. A larger level with drastically different paths and setpieces depending on your route, more varied mission objectives, and secrets beyond just terminals would be so cool. Having missions with a ton of ways to complete them and different things to see actually makes sense with Halo's DNA, not fucking RPG elements. (Really?)
  10. It seems like the common ground on both sides of the debate is that lead only really makes sense at long distances because it's unintuitive and arguably random at close/medium ranges where most engagements take place. So why not use a system like the new Insurgency does? I haven't played it but I watched a video about it a while back, so anyone who is more familiar with the game, feel free to correct me on this. The way it works, as I recall, is that at most ranges, the game uses hitscan, but after a certain distance, you have to lead. This is indicated to the player by applying a slight blur effect to enemies who are out of hitscan range. The same effect could be achieved in Halo with the red reticle. In my opinion it's the best of both worlds, especially in a PC context where pure hitscan without recoil or spread is just going to make large maps extremely oppressive to play on (think Halo 4 Valhalla)
  11. This shit is so cursed. I can't believe this was ever in the game.
  12. I don't wanna die on this hill because I really don't care for Epitaph in particular but I just think it's interesting when developers will make a map that encourages/forces a style of gameplay that is different than what is offered on another map. I wouldn't want every single map to play similarly to Sanctuary or Midship just because those are the most well suited type of maps for Halo. Even if it's a swing and a miss, I prefer that they at least take a swing. At worst, you don't have to play on it, but in this instance those who do like being forced into chaos with melees and stickies have a map to play on. It's not the same as thruster because a base trait is going to be with you everywhere.
  13. Do you think that necessarily makes it a bad map? I think it's interesting that by design it forces you to play differently than most other maps, even if that style of gameplay is not to your liking.
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