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  1. You've seen the clips haven't you? This game is basically no different from Halo 5 with the insane magnetism. You can shoot a foot away from a dude's head and get the kill while he's standing still. Aim assist should be enough to put players on somewhat equal footing if they insist on mixed input lobbies (why tho?), but magnetism is just terrible. It doesn't feel satisfying to get kills when you totally miss and it looks even stupider.
  2. I think the only 343 map I have ever somewhat liked was Haven, which is why it's the only map you'd ever play on in Halo 4 since voting was enabled. Speaking of which, I really hope we get a veto system over voting.
  3. Aside from the gameplay this is what's so horrible about 343 Halo, it's just so busy. Only power weapons should debatably be on plinths, not every little thing. Spartan chatter is cringe, Steitzer's voice direction has been a complete disaster since 343 took over too. Plus all the redundant things like hitmarkers in a game where hitting targets gives a shield flare, an ammo counter on the needler when you can SEE HOW MANY ROUNDS IT HAS LEFT JUST BY LOOKING AT IT, tons of medals and +100s and VO lines for every little thing. The HUD, including weapon scopes/binoculars, is very glowy and overdesigned compared to Bungie Halo too. It's exhausting. Halo used to be rather quiet and chill compared to other shooters, which is something I appreciated. Just remembered another one - in H2A Steitzer's cringey voice would yell at you exactly how to play the game mode. It used to just be text on the screen in the 5 seconds before the game started. Why do they need him to yell "ODDBALL! HOLD THE BALL TO EARN POINTS!!!"?
  4. You're getting overly defensive for no reason like you have PTSD from bloom arguments on gamefaqs 11 years ago. I'm not advocating for bloom necessarily. I am pointing out that console shooters and PC shooters are fundamentally different and moving Halo to PC with no consideration for how that affects the shooting mechanics of the game could be extremely unfun. Even using Reach and 3 as an example, the sniper is absolutely monstrous on PC. It's no surprise considering you move pretty slowly in Halo and most other games don't have a laser accurate sniper even when unscoped. With all that said it's not surprising that 343 feels like they need to nerf precision weapons somehow, even if they are going about it the wrong way.
  5. From 343 themselves or waypoint/reddit copers?
  6. I don't know what Painkiller is, but I've played the other two games. First of all, you move extremely fast in those games compared to Halo, so this is a stupid argument and you know it. Halo has also balanced different weapons for different ranges using the red reticle range concept to enable aim assist for guns depending on the range they wanted the weapon to be usable at, something which is not possible in a PC environment. Could you explain to me how Quake and Unreal are related to this at all?
  7. So you really don't think there is anything at all about shooting mechanics that needs revisiting now that the series has moved to PC?
  8. Honest question while everyone is freaking out about bloom - does nobody feel that bloom or recoil are necessary considering this is a PC shooter now and pointpoint accurate hitscan weapons would make it unplayable? Every single shooter has some way of making it hard to hit targets at long ranges. In high ranked lobbies you would get absolutely lasered the instant you step out in the open lol especially in any map with lots of open space like in BTB. If not recoil, then you'd need a slow projectile speed even on bullet weapons.
  9. There were a couple instances during the shooting range where it looked like he landed every shot and the 4 shot was only sufficient to pop the shields. But we'll see. Maybe he missed one and if you aim perfectly you can headshot with the last bullet of the 4th burst.
  10. I dunno, I kinda enjoyed that match. At the very least it looks closer to Halo than anything we've seen in a decade. Obviously not a fan of sprint and clamber but they weren't going anywhere.
  11. I know they were, but I don't think that it was ideal then and I especially don't think it's ideal now. A lot of modern competitive games have more parity between their social and competitive playlists but Halo has gotten farther and farther from that type of parity with every game.
  12. Boyo doing backflips right now.
  13. The BR is a fkn 5 shot lmfao
  14. Did they mention any option to turn off these hideous outlines and force team colors to good old RvB?
  15. That's nice, but I am so tired of Halo and its insistence on creating two drastically different experiences in competitive and vanilla settings. I was desperately hoping this would FINALLY be the game where vanilla playlists are largely the same as the competitive experience, but this isn't a good sign.
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