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  1. The problems with sprint in arena maps are still present and possibly exacerbated in BTB. The maps are huge and engagement distances are all fucked up. I honestly think people only remember 4's BTB as fondly as they do because it was good relative to the disaster of the traditional 4v4 experience. Compared to Halo 3's BTB it wasn't anything special and the armor abilities & spawning with stickies made it way too chaotic. I also didn't like how the DMR being so effective cross-map made Valhalla from a favorite BTB map into a base vs. base DMR war with a large death zone in the middle. Halo 5's BTB is just a nightmare from top to bottom and as such it is basically not even a feature of the game in my mind
  2. 2 holds up perfectly fine. Sure the presentation is very dated but if you were to update the multiplayer to have the graphics, animations, visual feedback, etc. of something like Reach, but with the exact same gameplay, there'd be nothing dated about it. Same with CE honestly. It's not the gameplay of these titles that puts people off.
  3. "Our goals right now are making the game actually play, and feel like Halo before we dive into extra things." "We're actively aware of what feedback our internal builds lack and are working towards those. It's not something we've skipped on... Shields require fx and we've been short on any fx artists for a long time. I believe for a long time we tried seeking out for such an artist in the updates, but little avail." "At the moment we're in a pre-alpha state, so doing a roadmap wouldn't be advantageous to show the actual progress we're making with it. Putting a roadmap out right now would include simple things like "Tweaking bullet magnetism" or "Implementing vehicle physics" then again in two months they would reappear until we've got them to a point where the game feels like Halo to us. Then when we've got it there we put it out to all of you to test, break, and tell us what we did wrong until we nail that core gameplay loop that is required to make a Halo game."
  4. I always thought Reach had by far the best shield effects. Admittedly is made better by the fact that the weapons you use the most (DMR/Magnum/Needle Rifle) are single shot, but even when using the AR, you get the perfect amount of visual representation of how much damage you've done. The shield would grow, expanding to be further off the player, and pop like a balloon. This is how it's done in 4 and 5 as well but it's very exaggerated in Reach, the shields expand farther off the player and the pop is extremely obvious and satisfying. Furthermore, the effect stands out a lot against the rest of the game's graphics, which are not full of similar lighting effects blowing everything the fuck out.
  5. I'm kind of worried it will be an unsatisfying Halo 3 clone and then the brainlets in the Halo community will act all smug about our dissatisfaction with it.
  6. It's quite a leap to say people prefer competitive Halo 3 to 5 just because of nostalgia. I played a lot of Halo 3 when I was younger and it was the hot game, and I was aware of the big MLG scene, but I did not follow it at all. So I don't have any nostalgic attachment to "the glory days" whatsoever. That said, I had way more fun watching UGC than any Halo 5 tournament. I have almost zero investment in any players or storylines so if that makes Halo 5 more enjoyable to watch then I can't comment on it, but from a pure moment to moment gameplay standpoint, they're not even comparable
  7. I hang out in their discord sometimes. They are working hard on it (for free and in their spare time), but they're very very particular about what they show and when. They don't want to show something that is really rough for people to turn around and complain about how rough it is... so we end up waiting around. Silly as it is though, I still have more faith in these millennial memers than 343.
  8. I don't agree with all of their ideas, but at the same time it sounds like a Team Beyond wet dream. Classic Halo style, higher base speed, snappy strafe, air control in jumps, projectile weapons, slightly higher ttk, more vertical map design... Assuming it is all put together well, it will almost certainly deliver an experience a lot closer to what people have been asking for compared to 343. And even if Infinite is classic at least it'll be free.
  9. Saw this post on reddit just now and thought I'd share. I certainly found it interesting. "Hi, Installation01 art director here. Every Halo game feels different. Staggeringly so at times. If you've been around during the entire series's run, you'd know that literally every Halo release is extremely contentious and controversial because of the shifts in mechanics both small and large from title to title. From big changes like nerfing the pistol in Halo 2 or changing equipment to armor abilities from Halo 3 to Reach to small changes like illustrating bullet spread in the HUD through visual reticle expansion or literally any balance patch in any of the games. They all send the Halo community into a vicious blood thirsty stupor. If you yourself aren't willing to define the grand real estate that the umbrella statement "X game actually feels like Halo" describes, I'm not sure if one gets to designate what does and doesn't feel like Halo. That being said, right now, it's definitely its own thing but if it's closest to any specific title in the series it's Halo 2. Like something between Quake and old Halo. The jump is more akin to Reach, not the 1 1/2 spartan high moon hover it is in Halo 1 and 2, but with plenty of time for some nice air control at the apex. Crouch jumping works just fine which is pretty fantastic. The movement acceleration itself is pretty damn snappy while avoiding the massive levels of ADAD spam that plague existing incarnations of Halo on PC. We're using projectiles instead of hitscan, and we've had it working pretty well. Arguably at its best, landing a shot is more dependable than Halo 3. Hit detection is work in progress right now so depending on what hour of what day someone plays in editor or in the build, it could be fantastic or horrible. Such is the way of development. Installation 01 doesn't feel quite like any existing Halo, but it doesn't feel like it doesn't belong either. It's not outside of the margins, in my opinion. Honestly I retract the quake bit, it feels like CS:GO. It feels sourcy, so I guess the quake scent is still there. As much of a Halo tribute i01 is, we aim to inject our own identity into the game. We will have our own original armors and guns and maps. It's a new experience building on the original trilogy, lateral to the direction Halo 4 and on went. We don't seek to be a replacement. If Infinite plays like a classic title, we still aim to have our own separate appeal that would hopefully sustain a community."
  10. In terms of campaign, a Far Cry type of open world would be awful and another example of 343 chasing market trends instead of understanding anything about what makes their games good. If they really want to try something new with a bigger scale, they could go for something like Metroid Prime, but I don't think that would work well within Halo's formula. I don't see how you could do co-op in that type of world or how you can handle progression without different power ups. I think it'd be pretty nice if they went for something like Crysis, but even that is served by the wide variety of abilities the player has, whereas hopefully Infinite is going to be classic, without any Spartan Abilities. The only way I can see that working very well is if the campaign has Spartan Abilities and multiplayer does not.
  11. Playlist redundancy and mismanagement in MCC have been done to death by you guys so I won't retread too much, but I have a lot of thoughts on playlists and overall cohesion with the Halo series. There are just lots of problems. I honestly think Halo Infinite should have just 1 serious ranked playlist, and it should line up with whatever HCS is running. This is how every damn relevant competitive game does it and it's the only thing that really makes sense. Make it 4v4 mixed Slayer/Objective - just whatever works on a competitive level - and then if 2v2 and FFA have good gameplay, maybe they can make HCS playlists for those too. The Halo 5 method of playing 10 qualifier games in a bunch of ranked playlists is insane on principle. Also I can't stand having stuff like Slayer ARs, Slayer BRs, Slayer BRs with no radar, and MLG Slayer, all in the same fucking game. Just make ONE style of gameplay that works and make that the standard! The difference with social and ranked could just be radar vs no radar & maybe some of the maps. Adding on to that last bit, this one is a no brainer but but it feeds into the problem - make the maps good and the sandbox balanced for competitive play, so that we don't have to have this silly divide in the community. When you jump from ranked to social it shouldn't be like you're playing an entirely different game. Halo is the only big series where we get a ton of garbage weapons and maps which the casuals like using and then the pros ban right away (other than Smash I guess). When you point out to normie Halo fans that x map and y weapon are bad on a game design level, it gets handwaved away with "but they're just for fun bro" like if we can't have maps and weapons that offer fun gameplay for players of all skill levels? And for the goofy stuff like SWAT, Infection, Snipers, Grifball, Fiesta, whatever - first of all, you could have these on a rotation, and this rotation should be relayed IN GAME on a news/social tab or something so that you can know this stuff without having to follow 343 on the internet. Second of all, we have a server browser now and I'm sure there will be plenty of guys hosting lobbies for that kind of stuff 24/7! They don't need to have their own playlists. And third, they should bring back the Halo 3 party leader system in social playlists, where one guy would randomly get host and could bring the whole lobby with him to a private game to run customs. This is how I used to set up so many infection and fat kid lobbies back in Halo 3 and we never saw this feature again.
  12. Really bro you JUST SAID a couple posts ago that finding lots of people to play Halo is hard when someone said to you "if you don't want to hear randoms in ranked, find a squad" and now you say this? Cursed Lemon's idea that you should only be able to hear enemy proximity chat if you're in game chat is the best way to incentivize people into returning to game chat, but I think they should just grow a pair and make the ranked playlist(s) force game chat. No one is going to stop playing Halo because of it. "Oh no oh God oh fuck I have to mute people who are annoying when I'm playing ranked mode. This is a nightmare, worst Halo game ever." Infinite turns out to be a great game but due to this, the population instantly drops to below Halo 4 levels. This is a scenario that makes sense in anyone's head? Are you for real? Furthermore the complaints about gamers are beyond overblown. I added so many people back in the MW2 days, and that was an extremely popular game with mass appeal - the type of game that is likely to draw annoying shit talkers, screamers, and music players. And yes they existed - but so did plenty of cool people. I added a shit ton of people I played with on MW2 and Black Ops who I would have never otherwise talked to if we were all in our own party chats. It was so easy to mute people that anyone who was blasting music would be shut up instantly. For stubbornly antisocial types, or those days where you just don't feel like talking, plenty of games have included a "mute all" button. The most amazing thing about online play was always the social layer, nowadays you might as well just be playing against bots.
  13. You could force game chat, at least for ranked mode. MW2 did this in almost all the playlists, other CoDs did it specifically for Search and Destroy mode. I thought that was a lot of fun. When a teammate died you wouldn't hear them anymore, which made for really tense moments where they couldn't give you any information and you had to figure out what happened to them.
  14. Progression is just a part of games these days. I like For Honor for its gameplay, but the reason I try to log on every day is to do the daily challenges to earn currency to pimp out my samurai. Tons of people did the same thing for Reach. It is what it is. Too late to add in detailed customization for MCC, but there's zero reason that this shouldn't be present in Infinite.
  15. This is the kind of thing they should have done with the Forerunner weapons, but we got literally the least creative weapons imaginable.

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