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  1. I don't mind linearness in campaigns, so that has never been an issue for me. In a game like CoD, the campaign is just a story. It isn't meant to fill endless hours of time, it is meant to entertain for a day or two and then leave it behind. For those couple days though, I find a lot of fun in them.
  2. It's a placeholder date since a true release date hasn't been announced. Amazon always does that. Not to mention it is listed by Microsoft... it's not fake. It is just there to say it is in production.
  3. Not all of their campaigns are amazing... MW2 made no sense at all. It was impossible to keep track of what was happening. Their campaigns are certainly fun though. (Which isn't to say Treyarch's aren't, I enjoy their campaigns even more so. )
  4. Oh, I thought I read on Mikwen's twitter that you both were for sure going. I'll see if I can find what I am thinking of or if it is imaginary. Edit: Found it, it seemed like you were for sure going based off of it. https://twitter.com/IMiKWeN/status/365692269438840832
  5. Classic should be going I believe. Chig And Mikwen are both in Michigan and a to2. I think there have been talks of Naded joining them but that is mostly speculation on my part.
  6. DRM wasn't just about that family sharing plan for me. I was excited about it purely because I figured it would fuck over a lot of modding and piracy. But, I always have access to the internet except when power goes out completely so it didn't worry me. However much the cloud computing could actually handle is yet to be seen, but developers could potentially use less of it knowing that not everyone will be able to take advantage of it. Who knows what developers and Microsoft may or may not have been planning for the future based around DRM.
  7. It's the same as them dropping DRM. I was happy about having DRM, it could have lead to some good things. However, I could still see why some people wouldn't be happy about it, but oh well.
  8. I actually just finished that game today. So fun all the way through aside from a couple "boss" fights and I thought the endings could have both been better. I just died.
  9. I think Doju thought it was split in half the other way, like split down green. Edit: What the hell is your profile picture...
  10. I didn't think of it that way because I see no reason to make new accounts. I have one account, I play on it. Why bother having more? Edit: and in terms of friends coming over... if people are at my house for video games, we are going to LAN something not play online.
  11. Um... there was nothing there that impressed me. The only thing there that is different from the 360 is that if you are at a friends house and they don't have gold, they temporarily have it while you are logged in there. Oh, and play while you download.
  12. Who is Rob the Turtle? I recognize that names but have no clue where from.
  13. http://www.arenagaming.us/wp/team-lists/
  14. The one part I want from CoD: Extremely high movement acceleration.
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