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  1. Happened to me in rat race with camo. It got stuck in the wall and was spinning. Didn't spawn again until it was grabbed.
  2. I was in an oddball match on chill out and i fell through the map with the ball in the hallway, as do a lot of people colliding in there. When I respawned I watched the balls distance grow further and further away until about 1.6km until it respawned.
  3. I was thinking that having an in-game timer would be pretty neat. Especially since most people timing aren't getting it down to the second because of the way the game starts. Someone let 'em know and make it happen!
  4. Just so I'm not going crazy, does the shotgun and more so the plasma rifle, feel different to anyone else? Like, I can't successfully freeze anyone with it where they can't possibly kill me anymore it seems. It doesn't freeze them in place the same way. Right?
  5. So whats with the stupid system on these forums with attachments. How do you add something to post, theres no attachment button.
  6. Yea I agree, shooting is too easy now. Not many pistol fights going past 5 shots. I would rather have it this way than how it was before, but if they just tweaked it slightly I think it would be perfect. The timer just needs to be set at the loading screen before the match starts up, hard to tell exactly when because it seems different every game, but you should be within a few seconds of the correct time. Also, still have dammy and hh rockets in wrong positions
  7. The bullets def. track you around corners and whatnot. Even AR up close is extra brutal cuz it seemed to kill so fast. Still better than before though. Also around my 3rd session playing new patch, map weapons still aren't turned correctly.
  8. Just found this site! About the nades feeling different that was mentioned earlier, its definitely that they come out slightly later than on OG xbox. I know because I have a tendency to throw a nade if I feel I'm about to die and many times there would be a grenade beside or on top of my body if I did die and throughout all of my games with MCC I have not had this happen once. I also just notice it randomly during grenade throws as if it was super obvious it came out late. Although some of those times might have contributed to lag. One thing I don't see anyone mention is the melee deaths after you melee and kill someone yourself. This has resulted in me being killed by the guardians on average of once every other time I play just about. Most likely because of latency and it not registering that I killed them and their melee attack still went through and it gone on to kill me. Another is Melees to the back. About 2 or 3 times I got meleed and died when we just got into a close-quarters fight and they didn't damage me enough for a single melee to kill me and they were definitely not behind me. One of those times I had OS and was super salty. Anyone else experience these? Also, I wanted to ask how do you know that 343 is "aware" or "will be fixed" with some of the issues? I just don't wanna get all excited for some fixes eventually, if they're never going to come

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