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  1. This just shows how incompetent 343 is. 2 cups cancelled because they managed to break the game that they had finally fixed after 4 months of the game being broken. And we have to rely on them to make H5 a good game... Anyway, have there been any scrims or are teams not playing together at all or something?
  2. So 343i fixed the game, and than fucked it up again? This is how incompetent 343i is. Mistakes like this do give me real doubts about how H5 is going to be. Btw where is Tashi? Since the incident with adding ricochet we never heard from him again.
  3. You guys fundamentally disagree with eachother. You guys should stop arguing before someone gets hurt. Metaphorically speaking
  4. Denial and CLG okay, but C9? You just crossed the line boy. /joking EG can be beat, it is only a matter of time ofcourse, I don't expect them to win every online cup and lan event this season, I just think a practiced EG is the best team H2A will see in it's relevant (short) lifespan
  5. they can also be like s1 CLG. Getting worse as times goes on. But that does not happen a lot.
  6. I personally feel like there is no combination of players at the moment that can beat a practiced EG. But ofcourse they will try to prove me wrong. EG has got the 3peat and even after winning the season finals, they did not get lazy. I think the only thing that can beat EG is overconfidence. But that is just my 2cents.
  7. That is amazing to hear! But we as the viewers don't hear them as much as we did during the H3 days, but this could be easily fixed. If they fixed it, I would get more hyped up from watching hearing the crowd cheering.
  8. There are so many things MLG did better than HCS. Continuation series was one of them. But I remember the wide crowd shots during the MLG days and the huge beautiful mainstages. Hearing the crowd clearly when someone get's a sick headshot. This was because the commentators were sitting just above/behind the crowd so their mics would pick up the crowds noice. The hype during the MLG events was amazing. I don't know if they had mics in the crowd but they could have done that as well. They always had the venue spot on from a viewer standpoint I like were we are right now with HCS but there are many things that we could improve on and we could learn a lot from MLG.
  9. That is on 343 if they picked her instead of Jessica Goch, not on her. Also that is a bad comparison because you didn't pay anything to watch the event. Again, I am not saying she was good but the way people treated her was really uncalled for and in some cases some people did not seem to have any basic human empathy.
  10. Maybe she wanted to get into HCS and this was her first time interviewen these players. Is it really that weird she got nervous interviewing pro players for the first time in front of thousends of viewers? I'm sure you were nervous your "first time" /JokingOnThatLastPart I am not saying she did a great job but the reaction she got was uncalled for. But I guess that happens on internet.
  11. Also leave the girl alone. She was nervous, she must be insecure. Gosh how human of her.
  12. TeamRanda is in a slump @@RyaNoob Congrats to EG on winning, they lost a series though so they are also in a slump.
  13. Looking at these ballthrows... Great job 343... great job... Denial outplayed EG in that game though.
  14. I've not noticed any framedrops but I haven't really been paying a lot of attention. Also, Lethul is a hero.
  15. One person said something about quadhost not being a huge deal and now every EG fanboy is so full of him self? Bullshit. Does quadhost matter, yes. Do I think Team Randa would have won on lan, maybe. But at the end of the day I am an EG fan and they are still in the tournament while Team Randa is not, quadhosting or not. I also never said anything about the Sudds quadhosting so stop your bullshit and have a nice day.
  16. The UGC lan is live. Watch it at: http://www.twitch.tv/ugc EG, C9 and Optic are participating. I really appreciate that UGC has set up a practise lan with stream etc. Really hope to see more in the future.
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