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  1. MM or Customs Dont Care Mindfui North America If i play solo anymore ill break something got to diamond 4 going in by myself havent had good luck with the rank reset this time around
  2. im an audio engineer that works everyday of the week so my halo time was like 1am-5 am so now i sleep more
  3. well we know Snipedown got Elamites girl pretty good on the way to the top
  4. id take a preview invite to GT: MindfulMixing if you would be so kind
  5. i feel like im the only one having a smooth MCC experience
  6. thinking im gonna just continue to play MCC having a very bug free experience with it expecially lately think they have done some things behind the scenes to improve it finding games quickly and its classic halo and its on xbl and whats not to love?!
  7. im kinda having a good time playign but i had more fun playing CE or H2A or H2c Or H3 so i dont know how long ill stick with the beta
  8. It will be to powerful thats all im saying i feel like if 343 implements it without much thought like they do with everything it will just increase the chaos. Theres a lot that could go wrong maybe in a more competant developers hands it would work but come on... I just picture everyone sprinting and speeding up games in the wrong way they should take it out or nerf it more than it already is. but lets be honest they wont touch sprint edit: just a scary thought it all
  9. allow shooting while sprinting and thrusting? this is not a good idea i agree with everything else he said but if someone gives me reasons why it would work id love to hear them all i can picture when i hear that is everyone sprinting around and shooting with no downsides to sprinting besides being slowed down when hit
  10. are you crazy what is your reasoning behind this it seems like the worst pair of ideas for halo since the introduction of sprint
  11. got to play a game finally i can say this the games better than halo 4 beyond that im not sure the matches feel closer and a little mroe intense
  12. im entirely sure my MCC experiance has been more stable think im heading back before i even get to try a game fuck
  13. anyone else getting problems with halo servers message? ъляьт edit: it ALWAYS starts 4v3 beforei get this msg to wtf
  14. currently downloading add me MindfulMixing also for MCC which oddly enough the only problem i have is the rare case of un even teams
  15. if you need someone to mix tracks i know a thing or two about it
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