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  1. I never heard about that, hopefully they'll also add objective forging. But for now here you go, I had more fun doing this than searching anyways.
  2. After endless searches, unbalanced teams, and matchmaking with generally low skilled players, I decided to recreate MLG (8) variants since only the vanilla variants were shipped, which I don't find to be competitive enough for serious Halo 3 custom games. As of now I have remade MLG Pit and Guardian, and plan to remake Heretic, Narrows, Construct, Construct King, and maybe Foundry Varients (Amplified and Onslaught). These maps are meant to be exact replicas, so weapon spawning (including drop spawning), respawn points, scenery objects, weapon layout, and even nerdy 1v1 spawn sniping will be the same. However, I did run into an issue where you can not launch forge with specific gametypes. Due to this, I could not make gametype specific changes or edit objectives. This is not a huge issue however, since default objectives resemble MLG objectives fairly well. Though for symmetrical maps, I had to set each individual spawn to red or blue team since I could not add respawn zones, so for most maps I saved multiple labeled versions (e.g. "MLG Pit 8 Team" and "MLG Pit 8 non team"). You can download these settings by adding/following my gamertag "Look Up My 1v1s" and getting them off my Fileshare on your roster (which I think works only if I'm online unfortunately); I do not know any other methods of sharing though. The Reason I did this is because Halo 3 of the three halo games held by MLG (besides Reach) used different map Variants. I did not remake the Gametypes yet for MLG 8, but I might add them to my FS later on, and they are fairly simple to do alone. Keep checking my FS for new maps and comment on anything that I did wrong in the Maps or said wrong in the thread. -GreatCesar/Look Up My 1v1s
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