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  1. Dont know if EG should be in 2nd but for the most part I can agree with these rankings.
  2. one of the biggest differences between competitive Halo now compared to its past is that prospects now have more opportunity to prove themselves worthy to the pros. Although there were much more open lans in the past compared to now, keep in mind that these events would cost players hundreds of dollars some of us don't have preventing a lot of potential talent from coming to these events and playing the pros. With more of these online qualifiers popping up, every player has a chance to show everyone what they are capable of allowing the pros to have an even larger showcase of all the new talent emerging in the scene. If i were a pro looking to find a talented 4th or building a team filled with talented rookies like allegiance was, I would definitely like to compete during this time compared to the past.
  3. I've personally never been a big fan of 1v1's. Sometimes I have fun with them but I could never take them as seriously as others can. However with that being said, I have been enjoying H5 1v1's on forge maps that are designed for them. Small maps with no radar activated and BR starts are pretty enjoyable to do with a friend and I think it would be a fun idea for 343 to make a temporary playlist for 1v1s. This would be a great opportunity for them to showcase some of the top arena forge maps and considering all the other silly playlist 343 has added to H5 in the past, this wouldn't be to bizzar for the community to try out. It may even be a good idea if we were to include a ranking system. Let me know what you think?
  4. After all the new talent that emerged last season, I think its safe to say that our community has the talent required to make this scene last for a while. With this new Pro League making it significantly more difficult for the Amateur player to make their way into the Pro scene, I am expecting that we will have hungrier and possibly even more talented prospects emerging into the scene next season. In the past the only true way to get your name noticed in the pro scene and to get an opportunity to compete with the best was by spending hundreds of dollars attending events. Most people cant invest that kind of money into a game therefore this little dilemma left a lot of promising players in the dust while the new generation of players emerged. With this new Pro League launching in a few weeks. We will no longer have to worry about prospects being left behind over something as silly as them not being able to pay for a plane ticket. The truly talented players and teams who have a real chance at making it big will have the opportunity they deserve and that alone to me makes this Pro League a very exciting thing to see. For the first time in a very long time, I am more interested in seeing the new talent emerge into the scene rather than seeing the same pros compete once again and this is mainly because of how 343 and ESL built this league. It is designed to put the top pro teams in a comfortable position throughout the qualifying season while the lower ranked pro teams duke it out with the top promising AMs in several action packed qualifier tournaments. I am very excited for this season.
  5. Crazy how you can get this much support still for a Halo CE LAN. I would go but I am absolute trash in CE. If its live streamed though I'll make sure to check it out.
  6. I'm just curious to see what your favorite Halo 5 Forge Feature is. It can be any feature new or old. For me since I only play Arena maps, my favorite feature is the improved color changing feature. I can make some really beautiful maps with it now.
  7. Adding Forge maps dosn't automatically mean it wont be as competitive. Halo: Reach's MLG playlist was mostly filled with Forge maps and most of the community didnt have a problem with it since the maps made by Bungie won't good enough.
  8. An article I made yesterday. Hope you enjoy! http://esports.guru/halo/should-forge-maps-be-in-team-arena/
  9. If you haven't seen already, 343 is hosting a hacking contest for Halo 5. Giving the players and fans an opportunity to test their hacking skills and get rewarded for their hard work. A word that was once found upon by many in society is now starting to be recognized as a skill that may soon become necessary to understand. Hacking or Coding has been given a bad reputation for years as a juvenile way to play around with your computer and do things to put others at risk, most never bothered to look into the bright side of this field therefore making this area of computers and technology a very dark one. Now that we are starting to recognize the importance of general computer knowledge due to the recent rise of cyber attacks, many are starting to take a major step in ensuring that our younger generation has the knowledge it takes to keep up with the future technological world. This contest from 343 may not seem too significant to many outside of the world of coding and hacking but this shows that 343 understands to importance of this skill and wants to grow the community of hackers and coders. Hopefully this can lead to other developers and communitys showing interest in this area and allow whats was once a dark and wrongfully criminalized community to flourish in popularity and create the next generation of hackers and coders.
  10. With most of the new Arena maps 343 has provided us being disliked by most. I was wondering if you think it would be wise if 343 were to bring in some of the top forge arena maps to Team Arena. I would love to see some new unique maps featured in the playlist as well as some remakes such as Haven which I fell would work great in Halo 5. Let me know what you think?
  11. The H5 Magnum is one of the hardest wepons to use in Halo history. Our current magnum forces players to not only pace their shot but also maintain their consisentiy due to Halo 5s fast paced style. A quicker killng Magnum in my optinion will ruin the pace Halo 5 was ment to be played at.
  12. Hello, my name is Zarhaz and I am a Halo You tuber who reports Halo news around the community. I am planning on starting up a weekly series every Saturday with someone who has a strong knolage of competitive Halo and has good communication skills. We would be talking about all the major stories that happened that week as well as giving our opinions on all of them. If you are interested in helping me out, please dm me.
  13. Im starting up a series on my channel where I feature the best Arena forge map of the week. The only rule for these maps is that it needs to be the proper size for 4v4 arena game play. If you are interested in having your map featured in one of my videos, please dm me with your gamertag and make sure the map is in your file share.
  14. I think the 5sk for our pistols work fine. The maps are big enough to give players time to finish their kills and the new sprint system dose a good job in preventing most players from escaping gunfights most of the time. Try playing Halo 5 with the 3sk ce pistol. The kill time is like 2 seconds so a 4sk would be a little too fast in my opinion.
  15. Competitive Halo in my opinion is a form of art. Anyone can understand the basic fundamentals of how the game works competitively and most can find success off it in normal matchmaking but mastering your skills to put yourself in a position where you can compete with the best requires you to master a style that best suites you. You need years of experience as well as the ability to understand what your true role is as a player and that is not something someone can teach you to do. That is where creativity comes into play and once you master your style, the game becomes significantly easier for you.
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