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  1. Hello. I'm thinking about buying a headset but I don't know much about them. So I was hoping that some of you could help me make my choice. I'm going to use it mainly to play halo:MCC on my Xbox one. The main things the headset should do are: -Good sound quality. -I need to be able to hear the footseps of enemy players around me. -It has to be in a price range of around €80. I've read alot of reviews and some of the headsets that I'm thinking about getting are the Turtle beach ear-force XO One, the Kingston HyperX cloud or the Turtle beach ear-force XO four. These all offer qood quality sound according to the reviews I've read and they are in my price range. I'm not sure if I'll be able to hear the footsteps of other players with these though. So my questions about these headsets are: -Will I be able to hear footsteps of enemy players with these? -Are there any beter and cheaper headsets you recommend? Thanks!
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