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  1. Changes i would like to see: Remove Sprint Remove Flinch Toggle Option for old Halo style Zoom Allow Mapping of Buttons - This game is releasing in 2015 players on top of control layouts should be able to adjust control to whatever feels most comfortable. Add More Features to Spectator mode - Mini map, Scorecard on the side, Seeing enemies through walls, Etc. Something I would personally like to see implemented because in my opinion would be the best thing for competitive halo Tournament Settings (HCS) - The competitive players have always been the minority in halo compared to how competitive is the majority in these other huge esports titles. This is due to how the competitive settings are the vanilla game and how its based on the most populated playlist. Bridge the gap by having your most populated playlist be the HCS settings. BR Start, No Radar, 11 Mixed Gametypes with this on top of the Ranking system competitive halo would grow expediently
  2. If youre in a certain league do you match only people within your league?
  3. GT: Sound Wavezz US i have a team hit me up whenever for to4
  4. During the Halo 5 beta you should make a thread where and anybody can post what they think would improve halo 5 and you could make a list of all of the them to show 343i
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