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  1. Will they be adding more commendations as the game goes on? @@Sal1ent
  2. when someone talks it should appear in the bottom left corner. At least that's where it shows up for me
  3. So far I'm loving this game. Only thing that ruins it for me are quitters.
  4. Almost all of my matches have been straight pistols. The only time I really see AR spam is in warzone.
  5. Way too many people quitting out if matches. How many does it take until you get banned?
  6. So minor complaint but after games when I try to back out of the lobby the game gives me an option to back out but it doesn't work. It keeps me stuck in the lobby and puts me in a match
  7. Was it bad for you? The wardens came at me one at a time so it wasn't too bad.
  8. So I decided to hop in custom games by myself to check out the maps and for some reason I'm lagging. Is that normal?
  9. Got banned because my school's Internet is trash :'(
  10. Dang just realized I'm going to have to wait another 2-3 years to find out what happens next
  11. Just finished the campaign on legendary and I gotta say while I did really enjoy it, it wasn't really the story I was expecting to get.
  12. if your Xbox dies it stays on your account. So if you get a new one you can just download again.
  13. did they make any changes to Orion and Pegasus? Probably the only two maps I haven't seen played.

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