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  1. I can sort of see this being a thing. I remember a rumor about it being open world with RPG elements. First thing that comes to mind is The Division. UNSC take a beating and are scattered around Halo. You have a main base and have to go out and make contact with the smaller bases. Once you help the smaller base out you get Tele Link or fast travel
  2. I don't really expect them to go back to classic Halo, but dang show off an ODST design, some weapon designs or something lol
  3. Just a crumb of new info on this game would be nice.
  4. Being stuck at home wasn't so bad until Xbox Live went down.
  5. True, it's just crazy seeing Ogre get back to back snipes before the enemy even realises they've spawned back in.
  6. If I only search H3 I can't find any matches, but if I select H1-4 I get in H3 matches pretty quickly. Makes no sense.
  7. Only way I can see them showing a BR would be them using it as a way to show Forge's capabilities.
  8. I doubt it will be that big of a blow. With the new console being this year and Microsoft looking at Halo being one of it's launch titles they won't let it fly under the radar.
  9. Oh yeah some were definitely hideous, but I really liked how you could make your armor really scratched and dirty or make it look brand new. Think some of the options Doom had would work well with Halo.
  10. The armor customization being like Doom 2016 would be really cool
  11. Will they be adding more commendations as the game goes on? @@Sal1ent
  12. when someone talks it should appear in the bottom left corner. At least that's where it shows up for me
  13. So far I'm loving this game. Only thing that ruins it for me are quitters.
  14. Almost all of my matches have been straight pistols. The only time I really see AR spam is in warzone.

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