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  1. Was awesome to meet you and the rest of the guys! I was quite surprised by the turnout. I have the contact details for the person i need to talk to about organizing local events. So more of these events will happen for sure! Looking forward to help growing the local scene! I made it to the last round but finished 4th better than i thought id do though! GGs!
  2. Hey Guys, Currently at the Microsoft Store in Burnaby BC and thought id share some pictures of the event with you guys. https://goo.gl/photos/xQuUuLzLGKyeLu7E7 Im going to play but will probably get destroyed Hopefully ill get passed the first round aha. GL HF Everyone!
  3. Hey Guys! It's been a while since I have been on the forums and focused on Halo lately due to a death in my family and apologize for the silence with FantasyHCS as I know many of you have been wondering whats up with it. I am pleased to say that I have opened the site up for people that would like to participate in FantasyHCS for the pro league! Head on over FantasyHCS and create a league and team! Get your friends to participate by creating private leagues! Again, I do apologize to everyone for the late promotion of this. Who do you guys have on your team for Week 1? GL HF everyone!
  4. I am not sure if this was posted earlier. Did anyone watch Hecz's vlog today? He said he and hitch were discussing an idea that hitch had (Maybe the Halo doc?). Then he said that locking down sponsors for it would be hard, but that they have an "amazing team that could hit some home runs with this idea". Seeing as they just won the HWC... possibly? What do you guys think?
  5. I really hope 343/ESL are looking for next years venue already. This whole fiasco with not locking in a venue in time is just silly and should never happen again.
  6. Hey Guys, Just wanted to share a small Fantasy fun fact with you from the weekend! The top 10 most picked players! Huke 66.56% Penguin 48.92% Royal 2 45.51% SnakeBite 31.58% Renegade 30.96% StelluR 19.81% Shotzzy 19.50% Snip3down 16.41% Frosty 13.62% Danoxide 11.46% The percentage is based on how many teams had the player. How well did everyone do?
  7. Waypoint is having issues because of the codes. Too many people trying to access at the same time.
  8. lmao, this is exactly the same set up as mine... SQL Query and all.
  9. I still feel sad when I look at the seating though.. After just watching that CoD tournament last weekend. I know CoD and Halo are in 2 different stages when it comes to eSports. #oneday
  10. We are doing KDA stats, yes. It seems its the only stats we can get when it comes to LAN events. :poop: For the Pro League we will be going back to our regular scoring.
  11. First place gets the prize. If there is a tie for first then we will do a random draw with the tied users.
  12. Hey Guys, Just letting you all know that Rosters are going to be locked on FantasyHCS tomorrow just before the start of WBR1 at around 7PM PT. Make sure you guys get your picks in and possibly win some ASTRO Gear! >> Join Here << Hope everyone enjoys this weekend's event! GLHF! Let me know who you guys have on your team!
  13. For some reason, I always thought they did a server dump for the stats. At the Pro League Season 2 Finals, ESL was very helpful with providing us with every game that was played not just on the main stage. Since they play H5 on dev builds which I would assume connects to a Local server instead of the XBL server. We are unable to use the API to pull the stats we would normally be able to do. It sucks trying to run cool community driven things like FantasyHCS when stats are so hard to come by for these events. I am hoping that ESL will be able to follow their own example of how to run an event like they did with the Season 2 Finals because I honestly felt they did a great job and literally a Day after the event, we had all the stats. #BeLikeESL?
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