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  1. I feel like there should have been a "Don't Care" option.
  2. I would love to see Chalkie be able to come over and team with someone but it's so impossibly unlikely
  3. I think this dude has to be trolling, Septic is an EU guy so even if by some freak occurrence Ninja decided to team with the Sudds this would never happen.
  4. Halo CE: 95/100 Halo 2: 90/100 Halo 3 (online): 85/100 Halo 3 (LAN): 98/100 Halo: Reach (Vanilla): 50/100 Halo: Reach (TU): 80/100 Halo 4 (Vanilla): 55/100 Halo 4 (Post Weapon Balancing): 60/100 Halo 2 Anniversary: 75/100 Halo 5 Beta: 78/100
  5. We watched Ogre 2 be one of the top main slayers for years and years but nobody would say that about him now. Citing Cloud's gameplay from 5 years and 3 games ago is not logical, I mean I'd still say he's a top 10 player in H2A but I don't think you can use that logic to prove it.
  6. If CLG was going to drop someone I can't believe Pistola wasn't the replacement, I thought he would love to team with 2gre again.
  7. Alright but historically he places bad at national championships
  8. You can't bet against 2gre in the finals? How can you bet on Heinz in the finals?
  9. I guarantee that 11% is accurate, people don't seem to realize that casual players actually make up the bulk of the community. And casuals like sprint.
  10. I'll be rooting for EG but with the recent roster change I think either C9 or CLG will take this tournament.
  11. Someday maybe but I don't think it's nearly beg enough right now
  12. I think he's pretty chill about it, he seems to understand that both his team is basically one of the top 2 teams in the tournament regardless of seeds
  13. How are viewers going up while we are watching all these commercials? God I love this
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