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  1. Do they not broadcast on YouTube anymore? Can't get twitch on my iphone
  2. Anyone playing this on xb1? Competative is a cold place when going solo!
  3. Meh. I'll be back when MLG finally gets back in the halo business. At this point I'm mostly keeping up with te HCS for the sake of nostalgia and the buzz is quickly fading. It's been a pleasure guys and girls of the Beyond forums!
  4. Hi guys. Not been on the H5 thread in a while. Could anyone tell me if there is still more DLC (arena maps) scheduled to come out? If yes, when? Sorry I am a bit behind with halo news :/ Thanks in advance!
  5. Would be good to see you critiquing you/your team mates gameplay. Would be good to see how the best try to improve themselves.
  6. Very good point! ....it's incredible how easily statistics can be manipulated
  7. I was referring to general low viewership across the regions. That being said I don't disagree with your points.
  8. Can the viewership issues not just be explained by Halo being a Xbox only game? It may seem a bit simplistic but it seems to explain a lot of the halo drop off in popularity (regardless of whether or not the quality of the Halo games have change). Just a thought.
  9. Not sure if the conversation about MLG running events is still ongoing, but if they are allowed to run non-HCS point events then would it be sensible for MLG to run a event similar to IEM/mid season invitational? take the top two or so from each of the regions or a reasonable prize pool? This way the event is "meaningful" as part of the over all HCS narrative whilst not having any direct effect on the HCS. Slightly busy watching the footy so I skipped over some of the last few pages of conversation. Sorry if I'm repeating something that has already been suggested.
  10. Has it been decided that overgrowth/riptide/torque are complete unusable? Not saying they are great maps. But more variety is always a positive from a viewers standpoint (if the maps are made to be viable of course). Kinda wish we had KoTH for these maps (exc. Torque).
  11. Was watching on silent while watching the football reruns. missed the whole you getting bitched at so was just shocked you were that off your game. Chin up lad!
  12. Randa looked pretty terrible tonight. Positioning and aiming. He was missing everything :/ hope elevate can turn it around but I expect this team to break up pretty quickly.
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