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  1. Here's the full story on that... So the kill trading problem which has existed since launch, and was the result of code dating back to Reach, finally only got fixed because the one guy they have working on H1/H2 (fixing problems so deep that tools from other companies and OG dev kits have to be tracked down) just happened to overhear a Discord conversation about it. And H2's gamma got improved because he left test code in by accident. And we're supposed to have any remote fragment of hope?
  2. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-january-update Well, does it feel different?
  3. I'll bet. (Fuck Gearbox.) I've said it before and I'll say it again - EVERY part of MCC has problems. EVERY. PART.
  4. How hard is it for the franchise/platform holder to put the OGs side by side with the ports and check for differences? Or playtest Bungie's old matchmaking gametypes against their own? 343's/Microsoft's entire problem is them trying to second-guess the makers of the OGs and reinvent the wheel. I've criticized but never attacked the lower-ranking employees. The executives OTOH...
  5. Identical code could very well be part of the reason the games don't feel the same. They're running at 60 FPS now. On different controllers. And dedicated servers (or trying to). The code needs changes to compensate. And some identical code doesn't mean everything's hunky-dory. Some new/altered parts could be interfering with the original parts.
  6. I like it. Add in a Rocketball option, and I won't need a custom game browser.
  7. I don't want a custom game browser until every bug induced by Halo PC, Halo Anniversary, and MCC is gone. Which will be never.
  8. The sole reason for this shambles existing is that at the time it was announced, Xbox One wasn't doing well. They needed something to help with sales, and what better than targeting lapsed, nostalgic Xbox fans? And as many of them as possible!
  9. This image was deleted the first time I used it, but I simply don't care. Now that we've seen what a 343 / Microsoft "fix" looks like, the last shred of hope I had for both this collection and the future of the Halo franchise has vanished. My previously reactionary rage has now become fully united to the proceedings. (Phil Spencer has been making better decisions for the wider Xbox brand lately, but the buck still stops with him.)
  10. Quote from Resetera: "What a shame.. The settings for Oddball and Team Slayer in the 4v4 CE playlist turns me off from that playlist. 4v4 TS to 100 kills is wack and so are the settings they have for Oddball. Guess I'll just wait for the Customs Browser and stick to BTB." Shallow casual or legit opinions?
  11. Halo without power weapons is Swat. If Halo was all Swat, it would get old FAST.
  12. I remember having great casual fun with BG Snipers way back in the day. But back then, spawns weren't something I ever thought about.
  13. Halo 2 Swat rotational playlist being added, Halo 1 4v4 getting adjustments: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/mcc-playlist-update-9-12-2018/675a6ad2-a316-498f-bbd9-bb48a4b7e76e/posts

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