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  1. I firmly believe thrusters should be gone the same as sprint. But if you want to "evolve" Halo with crap like that, do two things: 1) Keep it specific to one "Evolved" playlist 2) Don't give it to anyone, any time, with some arbitrary "cool down" period. Make it like ordinances (sort of) but call it like "adrenaline meter" or something where you can perform normal functions (strafing, for example) slightly quicker, and each use depletes the meter. The only way to build up that meter is to actively participate in battles (hitting shots, getting kills, running objs, etc; each action has a different increase of the meter). Then leave the rest of the game alone! Whys this better? Because 1) people who like that kind of stuff but then don't commit to Halo as a franchise like hardcore fans do, can have their "new shiny things" without fucking up the rest of the game for everyone else, and 2) that idea (mentioned above) wouldn't require maps to be built any differently, thereby making every map playable for both "evolved" and "standard" play, and would also allow for classic maps to still work with the new game (which will never happen again now unless maps are completely remade/reimagined/scaled/heavily modified). Took me all of 5 mins to think of that. Is it perfect t? Nope. Is it better than what we'll get with H5? You bet. Will 343 ever listen to me or see this post? God no.
  2. And they'll call it "groundbreaking" and forget that Nintendo did it nearly 20 years ago with Super Mario 64 back in 1996 lol.
  3. I've seen nades bounce and arc toward me rather than continue on what should have been their original trajectory. It happens a lot actually.
  4. Magnetism on grenades. Wow. #Mangetisimmersion Halo 6 won't even require you to aim at all anymore at this rate...
  5. Nades in H5 seem to have a bit of a "homing" aspect to them. Or is that just me?
  6. It doesn't consider the #immersion factor, either.
  7. In other words, me And other developers like me.
  8. That's honestly the first thing I think about doing in that "if I ever won the lottery / powerball" day dreams; more so than buying a car or a house or whatever. I'd start a small studio and make the H2-clone-with-better-graphics-and-more-features game I described earlier a few pages back.
  9. What's worse is that using radar defensively is pretty much pointless. I'd look at it quickly, once I got into a decent position, to make sure I was "secure" to scope in on someone or to look around... and I'd be scoped in for less than a second, or would scope in and then immediately scope out, only to find someone already within CQB range, and likely have at least a shot or two on me already. Why? Because 1) radar seems to have a range of about 10m, and 2) sprint + thruster (especially when someone has speed boost from the sword) means they can be out of range one second and then be up your ass the next. It's annoying and accounts for at least 30% of my deaths, while mistakenly starting the charge for a ground-pound (because it's stupidly mapped to crouch) accounts for at least 50% of them.
  10. Just saw this post on a comment for a post by the "Halo 5" Facebook page. I want this kid to drink a battery-acid milkshake:
  11. Yes. I can. And that is the torturous part of it all, because I know PRECISELY how much more awesome Halo could be WITHOUT turning into a different game, so that when I see it doing just that (changing), I die inside :/
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