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  1. It’s cool to see the EU guys competing still. Hopefully Jimbo is feeling better.
  2. Is slow turn still a thing? I'm just now getting some games in the Insider build and I'm getting horrible slow turn on an Elite. Also I'm glad to see we're getting the classic experience with people quitting every game.
  3. How about that hit registration?!?! Seeing MMC Inside gameplay makes me want to play Halo again.
  4. I think they're doing the thing guys. I get a classic vibe from that quick trailer. They might actually be doing it.
  5. Anyone want to try the nightfall later? I'm at 264 and I want to give it a try. Using a LFG site is worthless right now because everyone requires you to have done the raid 12 times and be at 453784795348 light level.
  6. Holy crap, if I would have ever talked to my mother with even 5% of the attitude he gave her, I would have been blown up at the atomic level and spread across the universe. This kid is in for a really, really hard life with that kind of attitude.
  7. Chroma XV

    NFL Thread

    Anyone need another owner for a fantasy league? Hit me up!
  8. I just pulled up the stream and the title says "CS Pro League Summer 2017 Finals at Dreamhack" ........... C'mon EDIT: They got it fixed. Would have been kinda hilarious if it got left like that.
  9. Wait do you even need to be holding the ball for this to happen? If not, this is the best gametype ever created.
  10. I moved to 1,3.5,5 and I use the smooth curve for the right stick (I believe that is the name of it). I've always played on low sens and 1,5,5 was a little crazy for me, though I can see why people like it. I honestly haven't played much lately so I would probably end up changing things as soon as played a game or two. Halo 5's weird aiming never felt right with the elite controller (or any controller I guess), but it was great to use when I was playing MCC.
  11. No emails here...I would be absolutely amazed if this survey were true though. Seems very risky to stir up dust for something they clearly have no interest in fixing or supporting anymore. Honestly, doing anything with MCC at this point would be kind of an insult. Waiting this long to potentially make another patch would just show they had the ability to fix it this whole time, and just didn't prioritize it. I don't expect H3A at all, but I would go crazy if they announced it as a standalone title from MCC.
  12. I'm waiting for the next big org called Technical Difficulties to get into halo. They should be really consistent all weekend.
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