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  1. Hello, My duo and I are looking for 2 F/A's or another T02 attending Denver. We are attending Denver for sure and we are looking for 2 others that are DEFINITELY attending. We would like to participate in the open cups in the meantime. We both work so we usually play 9est to 12est during the week, Friday being the exception as we will play till whenever after 9est, All Day Saturday and Sunday. Hit up THS Senpai on XBL if interested Thanks
  2. Update* We ran with some, but they are not attending Denver, so thats not gonna work. Still T02, Add THS Senpai. Looking to run tonight after 6 pm pst
  3. Hello, My duo and I are looking for 2 others for Dreamhack Denver. Our flights and hotel are already bought. Looking 2 others looking to make a run through the open bracket and to have a good time all in all. Add THS Senpai Thanks
  4. I have a T02. Flights/hotel is already bought for denver add GT THS Senpai, if you want to run
  5. Hello, My Teammate and I are looking for two for the open circuit. We have been teaming since 07 H3. We are looking for a T02 or two f/a's. We recently competed in the open cup this past weekend 09/24/16 and got to the second round and faced 3sUp and lost. We are looking to go further next weekend and need two before the roster lock. Hit me up on [email protected] or xbl DiceZ Senpai. Thanks
  6. THS Gaming is looking for a T02 or two F/A's to finish our halo roster. Sponsors are lined up but need the roster to compete. MSG Xbox live GT DiceZ Senpai or msg @THSGaming on twitter to run games. Looking for competitive, dedicated and responsive teammates. If you don't communicate this is not the team for you.
  7. Yo i have a T02 looking for either a duo or two good F/A let me know if you wanna run games GT DiceZ Senpai. Or twitter @THS_DiceZ
  8. I have a T02 looking for two for online and possible lan events let me know if you wanna run GT DiceZ Senpai
  9. That Hideous Strength needs two for Online and possibly LAN events down the road. Looking for a duo that has been playing together for a while or 2 F/A's that know how to play the game. We are both east coast gamers and typically game at night. If you are interested in running games with us MSG me on Twitter @THS_DiceZ or add on XBL DiceZ Senpai or my teammate @EffinVille or XBL : EveningElephant. Look forward to running games with you.
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