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  1. They're over 500k viewers on twitch. Over 200k on a Russian stream of the grand finals.
  2. Nice. Is it h2a only or rotating games???
  3. Man Halo 1 is/was awesome. Nice write up, glad a new generation is getting to see this...
  4. Well look at this. Nice job. I need to play more... Edit: you betrayed me and got a killtac. Bastard.
  5. 343 can't even tell us if this dress is white and gold or blue and black... #whiteandgold http://www.buzzfeed.com/catesish/help-am-i-going-insane-its-definitely-blue
  6. Had a good time playing CE with DANiMALxMD last night. Got quick games, and most of them were even teams. However, we definitely need ranks and some sort of quit penalty. It's ridiculous how many lopsided games and quitters we encountered... Got a halfway decent clip last night too xboxdvr.com/McNoosh/1fb7c1e8-7160-44a5-834c-4db5d6fed5b3 Add "McNoosh" for CE!
  7. Nice plays. And +rep for Millencolin song!!!
  8. I think sprint is here to stay, regardless of the evidence that the broad community could live without it. That being said, I think the delayed shield recharge is insufficient at "balancing" sprint. Perhaps an alternate way of balancing sprint would be to only allow sprinting when your shields are above 75% and/or having your shield deplete as you're sprinting and if you sprint with no shields you take HP damage and can die (like your suit using power to allow sprint and taking that power away from your shielding). This would allow sprinting for movement and not for escape. Also, the sniper rifle needs a rate of fire increase, a scoping improvement, and reduced magnetism/auto aim. AR needs a range nerf. I've seen kill cams of people killing opponents all the way across Truth with it. I think it should have its role in mid-range fights, but not long range. Same with the SMG, it needs a range nerf and should only be killing people in close range fights. Pistol needs to have the kill time slightly reduced since it's the most skillful weapon to use at this point.
  9. This was happening to me a lot too. We would rotate party host and eventually someone could start the search.
  10. Not sure if the the H1 pistol spread is quite where it should be yet, but shot leading feels great post-patch. I'm happily surprised that they've released so many patches though. I never would have dreamed they would focus on it. Also, some new bugs in the latest patch - can't back out of games once you're at the stats page is quite annoying. Had a fun day playing CE Doubles playlist... xboxdvr.com/McNoosh/13bbe3b6-1f91-43d0-9c44-0dfe84766dcd (too bad my double at the beginning of the clip got cutoff...)
  11. Someone needs to explain the health insurance options to Justin. Some people have mentioned a few things previously that are important with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). I am a director at a health insurance company with quite a bit of exposure to the industry and the new law. As previously mentioned, if you're 26 or under you can be covered by your parents if they claim you as a dependent. http://www.dol.gov/ebsa/faqs/faq-dependentcoverage.html. I'm not aware of his parents situation, but they should be covered by something whether they're employed or not. Either medicare, medicaid, or commercial coverage. It will just depend on which state they reside in, their income, and age. If dependent coverage is not an option, there are many other options for Justin. Another new wrinkle of the Affordable Care Act is the "Pre-Existing Condition" provision that forces insurance companies to cover you regardless of prior illness or condition. https://www.healthcare.gov/health-care-law-protections/pre-existing-conditions/. So it doesn't matter that the injury occured prior to coverage, if he gets insurance it will be covered. The best route for individual coverage if he's not covered through his parents is to go to through the Health Benefit Exchange. The webiste is https://www.healthcare.gov/. Depending on which State you live in, you'll either have a State-run website for insurance or go through the Federal website. If Justin enters his information into the federal site, it will re-direct him to his State's site if applicable. The Health Benefit Exchange coverage offers premium assistance in the form of real-time tax credits that reduce your monthly payment for coverage depending on your income. https://www.healthcare.gov/lower-costs/save-on-monthly-premiums/ The amount of tax credit is again based on income. Even if his tax credits are zero because he made too much income, paying for monthly health insurance will cost much less than the surgery will. You can freely enroll in the Health Benefit Exchage during the Open Enrollment period which is currently underway until February 15th. https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace-deadlines/2015/ If he wants to see a certain provider, he can shop around for options to make sure the carrier includes his provider in their network. Going out-of-network will cost more money. There is really no reason for anyone to pay out-of-pocket with no inurance for a surgery of that expense. Maybe someone will read this and forward him the information to save some money!
  12. Played splitscreen H1 in matchmaking for over 6 hours last night with my brother. He was in town from out of state for the holiday. We used to play non-stop on XBC back in the day. I even put on the old music we used to listen to - talk about nostalgia to the max. Even managed to match up with Naded at almost 2am pacific time...Good times!
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