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  1. Or better coaches do the stuff real coaches in other esports do, preparing strats, organising the team, being a manager, learn basic psychology methods. Like Boss Nasti but not being a total douche/awful/
  2. Coach mode to make the Halo coaches seem important
  3. Health mechanics. Straws are being clutched.
  4. http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/news/mlg-and-joindota-announce-multiple-season-league/
  5. And brings more casual viewers to the tourney
  6. Have you played it yet? It still feels like Halo You negative people ruin halo Other gaming fans are laughing at you Still feels like Halo Its a "nice" evolution
  7. Because people like SWAT. Christ its not that hard to figure out.
  8. Who cares if I enjoy a game when I can watch others win money on a game I prob won't like to watch either.
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