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  1. Been a long time since I've been on the forums. But wanted to give my quick input. I think first and foremost we need to separate campaign from multiplayer. They are different things. To me that campaign looked fun. It's a new take on Halo, and the more open-world style could be interesting. I'm reserving some judgment there, but I'll likely spend more time on that campaign than I did on Halo 5. Sprint, Grapple-hook, all that stuff doesn't bother me in a campaign, and tbh depending on the design of it, the grapplehook could be a necessary addition. As long as multiplayer's primary playlist AT LAUNCH is designed for competitive (no tools, sprint, radar, etc) and we have some good map design, it SHOULD be successful. Based on previous history, that's a big ask, but I guess I always hold out hope for it. Note, I haven't followed all announcements of Halo Infinite, so this may be naive, but is there expected to be a Battle Royale mode? If so, then the sprint/grapple hook and things like that, make substantially more sense to me in a multiplayer fashion IN THAT MODE SPECIFICALLY.
  2. I'm still just curious to hear announcements about HWC18. I've been unable to get information on it, and Simms has told me they also have ZERO information on it or who is running it. Does that mean MLG? Or does it mean NGE, Mellenial, P5, or a non-endemic production company .
  3. The top down is kind of cool for viewer situational awareness. But I think it should basically be restricted to SND matches only, and used sparingly. I feel like we're watching Halo: Spartan Assault
  4. I'm sure it's been brought up before, but what are people's thoughts on movement speed being dependent on weapon in hand. Similar to CS. Faster with pistol, slow with rockets/snipe etc.
  5. But I want a new Viva Pinata. That game was money. I remember not turning off my xbox for weeks so I could play the demo which didnt have saving.
  6. I thought the reason we didn't is because the casters didn't want it? At least that was the case with HCS OC, we had a dedicated observer ready.
  7. Yeah the CoD hud showing stats and current streak and everything is money.
  8. I hate observer mode. The reticule issues kill what could be a cool tool.
  9. The game developer is taking a stance that no tournaments can award prize money to competitors while the game is still in Early Access. They don't want people competing for money when there may be unfair or game breaking bugs that appear. It is OK for tournaments to award prizes however (Astro Headsets for example), but not cash.
  10. My understanding is that PUBG tournaments are not allowed to distribute prize money. But it seems like you guys could do some really cool things with your relationship with Astro on merch only prizes.
  11. No streams unfortunately. The players generally don't like that. We do have the America's Minor happening here this weekend (and Nairo Saga) and ECS has filmed the whole season out of our studio. It's fun having all the casting talent in-house all the time. Bootcamps in genral though: I would love to organize a big pre-event LAN for Halo and stream it a la TLN. Even just for fun. But what's the point if they'd technically be playing online anyway? Our internet makes it almost as good as dedi's, but still.
  12. Konfig is awesome. We filmed some stuff with him and the former Dignitas squad for our ESA Media channel. I love how they are opinionated and bring more than "The other team was really good, and played really well" type of quotes to events (even if it's just acting).
  13. Royal 2's numbers are so good that they're probably considered a statistical outlier when looking at all players collectively.
  14. Yesssss, the Seahawks are now the confirmed SuperBowl 49 champs because Jeremy Lane got hurt. Every match in every sport or esport has SOMETHING that makes it "not count". PJ being sick sucks and it hurts their team. But it doesn't mean EnvyUs didn't fucking earn this win. You've forgotten the last of the line. It's "Almost only counts in Horseshoes, Handgrenades, and High School Sex." They do this for a reason, and its because the viewer actually is ********. I don't know how many on here watched the H1Z1 show on CW because Ninja was on it, but by and large that show was a giant piece of shit. It was absolutely fucking garbage as an "esport". But guess what, it actually had better ratings and viewers than the ELEAGUE Finals. Seriously it did. And it boggles my mind.
  15. I will say we tried this, and the general consensus from the casting staff we had on hand (Strongside, Bravo, T2) was that they were adamantly against it and wanted to be able to control the spectating themselves. So we had to switch a bunch of production stuff after tech rehearsal.
  16. I think right now the best thing for Halo is being at Dreamhack. If all goes well with those events it SHOULD be pretty good for the scene. Open events, high level production, and a venue guaranteed to have lots of new faces.
  17. I still think Amplified was a good slayer map. It very rarely slowed down and turned into a campfest, and was just about teamwork and communication.
  18. You can also use Twinge.tv to great effect. I don't know the exact margin of error, but it's pretty low. I use it for event analysis/projection.
  19. Haha thanks Dan. But you da real MVP. Forever grateful for your help in making Rewind a possibility.
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