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  1. Tried to contact the admin via twitter @xClicked. Didn't get a response yet, but in my match against FLYINGPICKLE500 right now, neither of us can join each other's lobbies. What should we do?
  2. Still waiting to be pushed to the third round since the first round hasn't been played.
  3. Your Player Name: NSelty Winner: NSelty Round Number: 2 (BY) Score: No Show
  4. I'm in round 2 with a bye, both players before me still haven't played and one is offline, and the other is playing Halo 5. GT: NSelty
  5. I have a bye into round 2 by I've checked to see the players before me and one is offline and the other is playing Halo 5. What should I do?
  6. I was wondering this as well.. I have a strict NAT and i'm unable to connect to everyone sometimes.
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