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  1. Looking for a team for hcs s2 in a obj support gt is MrKingCrxms
  2. Looking for a team for hcs s2 gt is MrKingCrxms
  3. Look for f/a look at team page @@ArizeEsports but hit me up at @Arize_Crxms
  4. im a caption of a org team hit me up on twitter @Arize_Crxms look at the orgs twitter @ArizeEsports
  5. My GT MrKingCrxms Twitter @Ruthless_Crxms Teams twitter RuthlessEsport_ Wanting a slayer a OBJ and a Spoort OBJ
  6. Younger player from frankfort ky grind 6 to 12 hours a day looking for a team to grind with and become the best i can be gt is MrKingCrxms
  7. From frankfort ky younger player grind 6 to 12 hours everyday looking for a team gt is MrKingCrxms
  8. Hey young player play 6 to 12 hours a day live in Frankfort ky looking for some players to help me gain my potential gt is MrKingCrxms
  9. Hey man in ky hit me up gt is MrKingCrxms
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