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  1. Is there anywhere where I can see all the teams current stats? dont know where I can find teams wins/losses in the pro league?
  2. Today's the day boysss Today's the day OG takes their rightful place and takes more then 4 games off CLG OG top 1.5
  3. Optic 11-2'd Liquid, 10-3'd Elevate, and 9-0'd ALG. Scrim CLG or EG soon please.... Optic top 1.5
  4. Cool thanks got it, for finals is there going to be another 8 teams from other regions? and is finals all bracket play or is there pool play?
  5. Haven't been following halo too much recently, are the top 16 teams guaranteed for finals or does regionals decide who makes it to finals? like top 8 or something? how does it work?
  6. Thats my thought, but saying hey lets switch to an older halo because 343 is a horrible company when dealing with esports is very hard to apply for many reasons. As of right now i would like to know what are all the reasons that make the halo community so fixated on playing the most recent halo no matter how bad the game is competitive wise, and what are the boundaries that are stopping us from switching to a better & more competitive halo(h1-3). (One thing I know for fact why people insist on playing H2a is because with 343's support its much easier to actually run decent tournaments compared to something like AGL)
  7. A LAN tourney with all 3 games (halo evo) split up would make sense to me. I think halos community is VERY split on what halo they want to play, I mean i see people saying CE all the way but theres still people playing reach? If only there was a way to combine all the good halos (1-3?) and put them all in the competitive scene and let the community pick what game they want to compete in.(Huge way to gain population for the halo community, lots of players would come back to h1-3 imo) OR have all 3 games played in a match still sounds good to me to make the "best overall team" a reality. Either way both options sound a lot better to me then playing or watching h2a at this point lol
  8. I don't think anyone can disprove that but the game itself has to be good, if the person playing it doesn't find it fun then there is no reason to play it even if it has ranks. If that wasn't the case then that means you would find any game that has ranks fun, and if that's true then you must also play Cod,Starcraft,league,CS:GO hearthstone etc?
  9. Love this idea, learning and mastering the 3 best halos and watching all 3 games played at once would definitely spark my interest. Agree with this 100%. I remember in the reach days i see a comment that says Ranks will save halo reach, why is there no ranks? and another comment saying f**k bloom and sprint i hate this shit im quitting halo... Like you said the cores mechanics have to be good, ranks would definitely help the game but it cant make the game successful by itself.
  10. Thats possible, but I have this theory that there is a huge core of players in the halo community & people outside the community that are interested in playing and watching the BEST competitive game that provides the best matches instead of playing and watching the newest game that comes out that is average and bland which is what we got with h2a. ^This... pretty sure there is a decent amount of people that think this. Ive watched every halo and besides H4, H2a is the most boring to watch for me because of the ridiculously small skill gap and watching the same 3 maps is just painful sometimes, cant even watch a scrim between pro teams for longer then 10 minutes anymore. Idk might be just me lol
  11. Not gonna lie though when I saw the pre launch invitational tourney I was one of those kids haha, the game looked really fun or maybe I was just glad it looked like a decent halo after H4 being the worst halo ever lol Yea 343 really screwed us with making H2A imo.
  12. Ive never only played halo lol, Own a gaming pc and play Starcraft & CS:GO daily but Halo was the game I played competitively, just wondering how H2a could have so much hype and support and go from a good start to almost dead in under 3 months
  13. True but playing a game where there is no competitive scene or tournaments can feel very pointless to many people. Why is it that halo is a very hard game to organize an event for? Does 343 apply all the equipment at the event or the host of the event(IG/UGC)?
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