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  1. I was skimming this thread and saw too many "they're doing well, hope this transfers to lan!" posts. It is literally the teams first scrim.. hope it transfers to the next day before you worry about the next event. Hell yeah the bickering will be minimal, it's day one and everyone is excited to play with new players. Give that a couple weeks of restarting the build and really getting to know your teammates as teammates, not just your friends and things will be a little different.
  2. I'm not trying to make any case. The forums and game are boring, i'm just trying to stir. And I told my team before St. Louis I planned on quitting after the event and they told me they planned on dropping me so there's really no anger or surprise. Honesty i'm glad to be off the team, I dreaded to get on every day.
  3. Yeah that's a nice clip. I don't remember the last time I got a killtac without getting shot at. I stand by my opinion though, you might be better than Squared, he just needs to hang up the sticks. But hey we both got dropped lol. How different would both of our lives be if you didn't win that 3 way tie in Anaheim gotdamn
  4. I'm bored, i'll give my 2 cents on free agents. Contra - Played him at St. Louis and beat him. Nobody on that team knew what they were doing. He's just a name IMO, pretty average top 8 player. He's not ready to win an event. I also played him 3 rounds in the FFA, that boy misses... Randa - He was on Contra's team at St. Louis. He has a really good shot. He can put up stats. Terrible at communication and playing for the win. He got 1 kill in the game 2 slayer against us so he might choke at events. He could be good if he had a long-term team but right now he's seriously not a good teammate. I've played money 8's with him and he's a total detriment. Prototype - Played him at St. Louis as well, don't really remember him wowing me but he's better than Randa and Contra. I've never thought he was good save for his sniper. He was the obvious weak link on Str8 but he wasn't the problem IMO. I'm sure there are other names I'm forgetting but you guys are mostly talking about them and that's what i've seen. Oh I'm better than all of them.
  5. If you were sick as fuck would you want to get on a broken game and play 4 games in 3 hours? Optic already has a spot for PAX, there really isn't any money to be made at G4G, it's not a huge deal IMO. Get better and rest up, still awhile to practice for PAX.
  6. From my point of view: We just didn't get along. I was the scapegoat from day one and it just wore on me. They were my friends in 2011 but we've all changed and it's just not the same. I wasn't having fun and I don't think they were either. I'm sure they'll say something else but i'm better than shooter, however, this is a team game so it doesn't really matter.
  7. holy shit if i didn't have to watch what i say i'd be popping off right now. i hope i play that idiot tsquared at g4g.
  8. I used to think meterologist had the easiest job in the world. They're wrong every day and keep their job. Working at 343 is the next best thing, you can be a complete failure and get paid.
  9. Haven't played competitve h5 yet but in reach it really opened the game up. One really smart player could use it to their advantage and flank behind the whole team and maybe make it away. I wouldn't put it in... but if it's in it doesn't ruin the game for me. It's there, learn how to play it and enjoy it idk.
  10. I know it's because i'm a reach kid but I like sprint. This unlimited sprint is gay and so is that booster pack thing. It's like spawning with evade but whatever the game is sick /shrug
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