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  1. Hell if not H2 aiming, an option to revert back to beta aiming would be amazing!
  2. Id deep throat an elites cock for an beta aiming option
  3. Halo 5s aiming is not good. To adapt to it properly you need to be playing and sweating more.
  4. This. You described what it feels like to play this game perfectly.
  5. Regret either needs no fuel rod or give it a smaller clip, too OP in my opinion.
  6. I would much wather watch a camera of the crowd with music playing then untrue commercials and mcdonalds forge maps.
  7. -> Gets hyped to play Halo 5 after watching X Games -> Logs into Halo 5 Slayer Solo -> Faces To4 and the aiming is shit -> Goes to MCC -> Can't find a match after 10 minutes of Searching
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