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  1. I have several years of halo gaming experience. I'm looking to attend events and join a serious team. I do work. But I can request days off accordingly. (G4G is all ready requested off) Add me to play! GT: Yeisew
  2. Your player name: Yelsew x Fatal Winner: Yelsew x FaTaL Round 3 Score:2-0
  3. Player name Yelsew x FaTaL Winner Yelsew x Fatal Round3 Score: forfeit
  4. Ok. I was not scheduled an opponent Player name:Yelsew x FaTaL Winner: Yelsew x FaTal Round: 3 Score: player forfeited
  5. I cant see who im playing. Can somone look it up for me please? My laptop died
  6. Player name: yelsew x FaTal Winner: Yelsew x FaTaL Round: round 2 Score: opponent forfeited (no show)
  7. Your player name: Yelsew x FaTaL Winner: Yelsew x FaTaL Round number: round 1 Score:Player forfeits match
  8. Hey guys, Me (Yelsew x Fatal) and my partner (Magzz x fatal) are ready for hcs in columbus, need a coulple more people. We are good team players and want to win this event. Add me or text me if intrested 9374890445
  9. Me and my buddies are going, have a team of two. Would you guys be intrested? If so add me Yelsew x fatal Or him Magzz x fatal
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