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  1. well that sucks, cause i couldnt even make it to round 1 due to the XBL issues. Why not just restart the whole thing.
  2. Yeah, I missed the Beyond FFA tournament because Halo and all of my other apps wouldn't load. Frosty has the same issue, lol.
  3. Won 8/10 games in Arena, get Platinum I. My friends win 8/10 games in Arena, get Onyx 1500. I don't understand.
  4. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
  5. Maybe he's referring to if they insta-splode like Halo 3 rather than Halo 4.
  6. Halo 2A is probably the best rendition of Chief's armor. I've gotten used to 4/5's armor but that doesn't mean I like it.
  7. Guns; - BR/AR feel good to shoot. The low amount of aim assist is welcomed. Perfect Kill medal is awesome. DMR/Pistol not so much. The kickback on both can be incredibly frustrating. Or maybe it's just flinch... - Flinch needs to go. Period. - AR headshot damage is unnecessary. - The sniper needs tweaking. It feels slow and clunky. Reloading is especially exaggeratedly slow. Scope in needs to be instant. Fire rate needs a buff. And the sound of getting sniped needs to be amplified. I can't tell if I'm getting sniped until I already get sniped. - ADS. If you're going to defend the change and say it's purely cosmetic, then make it purely cosmetic. Otherwise the advantage for scoping in for automatics needs to be slightly reduced. - Functionally, I don't mind ADS. The zoom-in needs to be instant. If I switch weapons, I should be able to scope in right away like old Halo's. Visually, the screen is cluttered, especially with the DMR. The DMR's look is awful. It's awful to use, it's awful to look at. The other weapons not so much, but if you insist on designing a different ADS for every weapon, I'm a bit skeptical. Already I can see the Lightrifle's ADS isn't great. I'll never accept ADS in Halo, but I will begrudgingly get used to it. Movement; - Slide is useless. No one uses it. It doesn't add anything to the game. - Sprint still has it's moments where it calls for its removal. You can get from base to base on Truth without punishment so easily. It disrupts the flow of the map. People can still turn tail and run away. Maps; Truth; - Gorgeous. - But really hard to differentiate between towers. There needs to be more visual cues. Maybe remove the roof off Carbine tower or make Pink tower actually look pink. - Does not work with AR starts. Spawning/pushing tower with an AR/pistol is miserable due to how open it is. Empire; - Between the two it works better with AR starts due to it's smaller side and number of smaller rooms. - Lack of sightlines between outside and inside. Tower side needs to be expanded a bit. Remove some cover between outside and inside and open the map up a bit. - The map size is nice right now, but having to clamber to get anywhere up top is kind of a buzzkill. - If two snipers are to work on this map, they should be at either starting base. Then have like sword/overshield outside/tower. Other; - I hate the beginning/end 'cutscenes' of spartan's being bros. - Bring back the countdown before the game. Right now it's just 'spartan trying to look co- OK GO' - Probably still being tweaked but, if you're gold and you're searching alone, you should only match up with other gold or higher. If you're with an onyx/semi-pro, then match accordingly. I searched earlier with my friend who has the Pro rank, but our teammate was someone who hadn't even been ranked yet. One game I won maybe 50-11. Next game I get defeated 50-5. It's beyond inconsistent. - Sound design is by far the greatest it's ever been. Every grenade, punch, bullet sounds like it hurts. - But I don't like the change to the shield recharge sound. New one is too basic. - Weapons on map need to be more apparent. Halo 2 anniversary did this well. - It should be press 'X' to view killcam, not the other way around. The killcam as it is does not function very well, and it's been 3 iterations. Kinda hilarious. - In regards to spartan chatter, why does it feel necessary for it to say 'Sniper rifles are up' and then immediately say 'Power weapons are up'. Why not just one or the other, preferably the former. It clutters the chatter, which is constant enough as it is with unnecessary lines like 'nice shot' or 'good eye'. Make it so only necessary lines are said. - Same with Steitzer. I'm fine with having 50 million medals, but he should only be voicing the main ones, like multikills/sprees. Throw in a Perfect Kill or a Reversal but leave out stuff like 'Brawler' 'Snipeltaneous'. Also, why can't maps only have certain gametypes. Earlier I mentioned Empire works with AR starts but Truth does not. Why not make certain maps have gametypes catered to them when it comes to AR/BR starts.
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