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  1. Yeah that's true. They did seem to out slay and still lose multiple times. Seems weird that they don't just play the objective more. I guess they really need Lethul to be that glue.
  2. But it's not like Reciprocity should be rusty. Snipedown and Pistola were just playing at the highest level of Halo at the end of Halo 5 and Roy and Lunchbox aren't that far removed from retiring. That plus their experience and talent should put them way above Denial.
  3. I don't understand how Snipedown, Roy, Lunchbox, and Pistola, some of the GOATs of Halo, are struggling with the likes of Str8 Sick, Commonly, Aries, and Shele.
  4. How did it turn out last night between GMS, Rat Pack, and Reciprocity? And who won the Friday and Saturday tournaments? Tox?
  5. Flame did say Totz was playing but it didn't sound like they were teaming. Frosty just moved into a COD house I thought, so I would assume he is fully dedicated to that?
  6. Flamesword was saying on Twitch that he was teaming with one of his long time teammates (Ace?) and that Roy and Lunchbox were going a different route and announcing their team soon. It sounded like he was saying Roy and Lunch were going the younger route, so that doesn't sound like Pistola and Snipedown? Do you guys think Royal 2, Snakebite, and Lethul will play Halo 3 and pick up a 4th?
  7. Who do you guys think Pistola and Snipedown will be teaming with? Roy and Lunchbox?
  8. Yeah Halo rewards positional gameplay, but not as much as Call of Duty. If the kill times are faster, getting first shot is even more important, so positioning is pivotal. Simple concept....
  9. I gave you a perfect example of why positioning isn't as important in Halo. Call of Duty is much more about anticipating the movements of your opponents. And that makes a world of a difference in a video game.
  10. Yeah I got out-played, because that person plays the game more than me. And yeah I deserve that death in Halo. A game should be about more than play time. It should be about intelligence and positioning. Playing smart should be more important than how much time a person has spent on a game, in my opinion.
  11. The thing about Call of Duty is that it is an intelligence based shooter that rewards the smarter player. Halo is a muscle memory shooter that rewards the player who has put in more play time. Since the kill times are shorter in Call of Duty, success is determined by superior positioning and predicting the movements of your opponent because you need to get the first shot off. Halo with its slower kill times (that have gotten even slower) is about who can sustain their shots over a longer period of time, which comes down to muscle memory, which comes down to who plays the game more. In Halo someone can pull off a perfect flank and predict their enemy's movement, get three shots up on them and they can just get turned on and destroyed. If I come up against a level 150 in Halo 5 I am going to get beat. I don't stand a chance. They have played more and can shoot way better than me. I could play the smartest game of my life and it won't matter because I can't match their shooting. In my opinion, that is not right and that is not the kind of game I want to play. In Call of Duty if I come up against a full party of prestige masters, I can still beat them even though they have played the game five times as much as I have. All I have to do is outsmart them. My whole group of friends and high school gamers have switched over to Call of Duty. I know I'll get hate for this post because this is a Halo forum but I can't lie. Halo 2 was our favorite game but now Call of Duty does it better. We are in our late twenties with jobs and responsibilities. We don't have time to play Halo all night like we used to and do well at the game. Moral of the story is it is about kill times. The Halo developers needed to adapt to Call of Duty with faster kill times but they failed to do so (and actually went the wrong way). The CE Pistol and the Halo 2 BR were awesome and made you feel powerful. But the Reach DMR and the Halo 5 pistol are weak. If players are frustrated by the starting weapon in a game they aren't going to enjoy playing the game.
  12. Roy, Lunchbox, Neighbor, Elamite Snipedown, RyaNoob, Frosty, NYSea Ace, Cloud, Turley, Dirtyashi Evadur's Team

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