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  1. Not sure if anyone has this issue, but as of 3 days ago I can no longer load campaign without it crashing every time. I am on the preview dashboard, I also can't sync to halo 5 online. I have to go offline, then restart xbox and then go online and then I can connect the servers. Campaign loads in offline but crashes randomly when I'm playing missions... Has anyone encountered this and knows of any fixes?
  2. Hey bro, The game is really good, missing features which will make it great (forge, btb and file share which are all coming in December). It has a halo reach feel to it, in a good way. Plenty of aussies playing, finding games in any playlist is super quick and I only struggle to find games at the highest level during the day and really late at night (which is to be expected). The connection on the server is also really great, the best connection online experience I've had so far in any halo game.
  3. I played 5 or so games this morning and found americans every game... I just want to know what region I'm even searching in, it's so frustrating. One day it's strictly my region other days it's not.
  4. Has there been any word by any 343 member about putting in party restrictions? I have onyx in every playlist bar 2 and it felt extremely easy getting there because the games where you beat a bunch of randoms while you're in a team of four feel meaningless...
  5. Have you actually played halo 5 lemon (serous question I have no idea)? Servers have worked basically perfect for MOST people rendering online lag non existent... Aiming is good in this game, sure some people find it strange but it does take skill to aim in halo 5. Is your intent on everyone hating 343 even if they bring in features people love and enjoy? You're a smart guy lemon and you obviously have very strong passionate opinions on halo but I feel as though you've made up your mind on halo 5, are you really trying to debate it, or convince us that your opinion is right? We ALL want halo to be great, but halo 5 is the current halo for at least the next 2-3 years and we want to devs to change things for the better and not shove hate down their throat.
  6. Yeah it's flawed logic but it's emotional venting I think haha Most of the top Aussies/Kiwis want to play americans for practice with their team to learn and get better. But the searching options will solve this imo .
  7. Yeah that makes sense, it's a tricky situation because the AU/NZ population just isn't that large. I just really want to not find americans if I'm playing solo I'll wait 20 mins haha . It all wouldn't be so bad if we got equally matched to party size (randoms vs randoms, team vs team ect).
  8. I loved halo 3, but I had so much fun in reach with nb/ns v7. The competitive games were actually much more enjoyable for me in v7 than any other halo I've ever played really... EDIT: On topic, I really hope they fix the party matching in halo 5 and match people accordingly to how they are searching. I don't have many gaming mates that play anymore and I like to hop on and search solo and have fun...
  9. Why not have two options; - Local search - Fastest possible (worldwide search) This takes out the guessing process and lets people make up their own mind.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, I find myself selling hundreds of useless weapons waiting to find weapon skins, only to be disappointed. I saw that Angry Joe on youtube worked out that it would take 750 days approximately to get every piece of amour playing all day every day without spending a dime... I think most people just want the skins and amour.
  11. I understand the confusion. I've played with at least 100 AU/NZ players on halo 5 95% of players are happy with local matching (myself included). Late at night you can't really find games at high levels and that's about it, it was working very well. The main point put simple is we need an option to choose ourselves. If party restrictions were put in place this would help a lot too (finding a team of 4 americans playing solo isn't much fun). Most if not all the problems we are frustrated about would be alleviated if they implemented this.
  12. I honestly don't see what would be so hard about this? The good connection option would solve most if not all the frustrations with connection. My only other theory is that they have switched off the AU serves or there was a problem with them? Apart from that maybe they got an influx of complaints about not being able to find games for hight ranked players and people searching off peak? It all doesn't make sense to me...
  13. I don't feel I explained myself well enough, the missing features are not forgivable and every consumer has every right to be frustrated about that (myself included). I just prefer balance of reading about some of the things in halo 5 that were done very well and halo 5 to me has been very enjoyable in a large amount of things. I got bored of halo 4 in one week :/. Pouring negativity on things that aren't founded gets boring very quickly.
  14. Why have 343 have decided to open up GEO searching so AU/NZ players are now playing on US servers every game. Why?! It was literary changed today... It was working fine, now I have to play on lag every game?
  15. Doesn't hurt to spread the love, we'll get there my friend. How great has it been , I haven't complained about connections really at all. The hit rego and the dedis are making online near perfect to me. Most of my time in h3 was spent winging about how bad online was even though I loved the game to bits, they have definitely got it right in this game.
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