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  1. GT: CarnageCasually MM (Arena) UK Looking for a team for arena/slayer (I have a mic and good at map control and call outs)
  2. So I made this for a few friends starting out in Gears of war, we all know starting gears is hard and the gnasher has a high learning curb to get around. I figured if anyone wants to check it out to see if there is anything they didn't know, or something I missed, that'd be great. Hope this helped you in some way! https://youtu.be/JUUB6gmqFGc
  3. So I made this Halo Reach montage, it's my first time editing clips into an actual montage and I'd like to keep doing it. I'd really like feed back on what I can improve and should/shouldn't do. Constructive criticism is welcome but please be nice or I'll just ignore the comment. Thanks for your help. Also, I know Reach is pretty hated but I liked the game. Link:
  4. I personally am loving it. I'm so excited to be playing Gears1 all over again in all it's sexy glory. Those dedicated servers are pretty handy too! Here's a review I did of the beta if anyone's interested. Game play is pretty good too!
  5. Hey if anyone wants a review of the beta in all it's sexy glory, check this video out. It's in depth as to what is good an bad about the beta! Pretty good game play too.
  6. So here are my views on the negative things in the Halo 5 Beta, I talk about them in a positive way though.
  7. So Break Out is now playable, in this video I go through the pros and cons to this game mode.
  8. I love the subtle and not so subtle changes 343 have made to the Halo multiplayer in Halo 5. In this video I go through a few of them.
  9. RRoD Carnage MM Ireland, Uk, GMT I'm up till 5am so all USA times are good for me.
  10. So I've got a 7.4 KD in the Halo 5 beta, I'm a good player and hate playing solo because of the team mates on my team are usually pretty bad. I've played 41 games and only won 18 of them. I am sick of loosing and I can't be arsed to carry my team anymore. I almost always do better then the top guy on the enemy winning team as well! If I can get three people who play to win and have fun doing so, then that would be great. If you need an extra player or you're trying to set up a team of your own for pub stomping and generally playing the beta then send me an invite. My Gt is RRoD Carnage.
  11. I love Halo 2, 3 and Reach. I did not like Halo 4 one bit. I give you my views and opinions on the Halo 5 Beta and how I fell about it. This is my first game of the beta so I was a rookie at it but I manage to get a Frenzy with 17 kills and 2 deaths. Coming out with an 8.5 KD. I hope you enjoy the commentary!
  12. My first impressions on the Halo 5 beta. This is also my first game! I go 17 and 2 with a frenzy and an 8.5 KD. I hope you enjoy :] Link here:
  13. Quick tutorial on how to instantly change object colours in forge.
  14. I figured while the servers aren't so great, I'd go after the campaign / collectible achievements. While doing so I recorded them and made three easy to follow videos showing where and how to get them all. I hope people find this useful. Terminals - Blast Soda Cans - Skulls -
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