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  1. lol some are though lethul and formal have grinded for almost three complete days i think thats more practice time then formal had for AGL 7 , and shadowrun was also on the circuit so of course they played it, so they could make more money im saying they are playing this game and enjoying it alot more then halo and tourneys are not financially worth it so whats stopping them from not playing halo lol
  2. thats what im saying whats gonna make them switch back if the game is not fun and payout at events is not worth it
  3. there grinding CS harder then they grind Halo 4 when they have a tourny thats what worrys me lol
  4. so i think what was left of halos dieing and its sad to say it but halo pros have been playing CS more then halo since AGL8 what do we do we havent had 64 teams at a tourny since AGL 5
  5. this would be amazing i thought it brought more skill to the game to have to exucute the button combos
  6. this wha im saying people like gandhi and saucey are giving us false hiope cause they are like we are picking up team and im sitting here looking at the pop and thinking LIERS
  7. if the hill gun was a Plasma pistoll this could be used in comp as oddball as long as they dont give you armour traits
  8. idk exactly if anything we are forming the future of halo and as long as 343 listins we will have a good halo 5 and halos to come
  9. we are only on v4 and we have aplayable game reach took till v7 lol, but the numbers are bearly going up if at all people like gandhi and the sauceboss are giving s false hope by saying we are coming back and our comunity is growing
  10. simplex is map with a different forge templae not on forge island so it has a look its own idk i think the forge maps look fine untill they are all that stupid generic grey its alright
  11. i like how onyx looks because there isent any other forge map in throwdown so it looks unique
  12. would be sick to see "WarArena" ranked and the other Socail
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