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  1. Both of you should add me. I have a t03 Hd Br leake
  2. I live in Sioux city Iowa, I can drive 5 minutes and be in Nebraska. I'm about an hour away from Omaha. Add me on xbl HD Br LEAKE. I've been playing halo competitively since h2. Had a lan in Missouri a few months ago, mimic and Kc wave showed. I havethis misfit team on xbl right now that is looking for one or two maybe. My teammate is going to a local lan in Seattle this weekend with neighbor and wolfmayne, so we are looking there first. We are starting with agl wired then events. As for locally we have lans. Only about 8 us. Sometimes smoman and shook come. He busy being a rapper now lol. Hit me up for games!

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